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Happy Saint Patty’s Day!


“St. Patrick’s Day was basically invented in America by Irish-Americans,” classics professor Philip Freeman of Luther College in Iowa told National Geographic.

On March 17, 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. As Irish patriotism grew among American immigrants, the annual holiday began to grow in popularity with different “Irish Aid” societies holding annual parades. In 1962, as immigrants began to spread throughout the United States, a new annual St Patrick’s Day tradition was born in Chicago. In 1962, city pollution workers dyed the Chicago River green to commemorate the holiday.

Today, St. Patrick’s Day has become an international celebration. Beginning in 1995, the Irish government made March 17 a national holiday in an effort to boost tourism. Today, approximately 1 million people attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin. (source)

But on this day, March 17, 2014, in honor of my DAUGHERTY AND DAVIDSON ancestors, I celebrate!


We have exciting news!  … from a researcher I had been in contact with and we have now established our ancestor’s identity in Ireland!  The parents of James, William, John and Nancy! (Dougherty/Daugherty) Such a find -… There are several sources to be confirmed, …now we have some tangible information to follow up on, We are putting a list of researchers together for the O’Dochartaigh Clann Newsletter to publish contacts for other researchers to network with us that can further extend or ancestry and descendants.  We are now designated as Family Group #2264 in the Clann Database…. I was given our ancestry back 32 generations to 810 – Maengal, father of Ua Chart, the Patriarch of all O’Dochartaigh’s (source – Robert Bobby Scott)