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Discovering My Patriot Ancestors

It’s been four years since I’ve posted to this blog. Time and circumstances did not permit. Life happens. Much has changed, but I’m ready to get back at it.

Recently I attended a luncheon meeting of the Carolyn Brevard Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. A long time friend and co-worker invited me as a prospective member, and I agreed. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but discovered that the Daughters are women who are passionate about preserving history and honoring and supporting those who serve our nation. Okay – I’m all in!

Since the 1980’s when I became a mother, I found family history, handed-down stories, Appalachian folklore and genealogy quite interesting. Of course I began tthe process of discovery with Mom and Dad, but exhausted their knowledge of ancestors quickly and wanted to know more. My mother’s sister, Aunt Jo Ella Mace, didn’t like the idea that I was researching her family and expressed her dissenting opinion saying — I might turn up a horse thief.  Well, it didn’t take too much digging on my part to uncover her real secret. My great grandmother, Nancy “Nannie” Catherine Jessee (read more…) had her first child out of wedlock and subsequently married 4 times. She and my great grandfather, Doctor Caleb Davis were married 27 years and had 11 children before his death in 1899. I believe that Nannie outlived all the others as well. I don’t hold any of that against her. After all, she was only 8 when her father, Stanford Lea Jessee, was killed serving in the War Between the States.

In spite of Aunt Jo’s warning, I have stayed the course for more than 30 years, discovered a few more “secrets” and enjoyed the genealogical journey of  both of my parents family — Buckland and Davis. With more than 11,000 people in Family Tree Maker and my online Ancestry tree — The Railroader’s Daughter, I have documented English, Scottish, Irish and German roots. Patriots and pioneers galore! Name drops include General Sam Houston, Virginia’s Civil War Governor John Letcher and even William the Great Conqueror, King of England (my 27th great grandfather).

Back to DAR…. I’m proud to say that I have submitted my application for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution based on the genealogical and military records of my 4th great grandfather, Abraham Childers (1750-1849).

Although a separate application is required for each patriot in the organization and I may not register them, (that becomes costly) I have quite a rich and honorable history of those willing to give it all for the sake of freedom.
(name & DAR registration # below) (* Buckland lines)

• Allen, Hugh #A001573*
• Banner, John #A005750
• Bartley, William #A208284*
• Brooks, William #A015111
• Brown, Low*
• Childers, Abraham #A021513
• Compton, John Jr. #A024739*
• Davidson, Joseph*
• Davis, Robert #A205258
• Gregory, William #A129471*
• Harman, Hezekiah *
• Jessee, John #A062559
• Keyser, Joseph Kenton #A204441
• Patten, Henry #A088813*
• Ward, David #A120479*