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On This Day in 1811

198 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1811
My 3rd great granduncle, Stephen Buckland, married Melinda Meadows in Monroe County, WV. Stephen was one of ten children born to John Buckland and Susanna Stephenson.

  1. Thomas Buckland
  2. John Buckland
  3. Rachel Buckland
  4. Elizabeth “Betsy” Buckland
  5. Stephen Buckland
  6. Margaret “Peggy” Buckland
  7. Daniel Buckland
  8. Walter “Watt” Buckland
  9. Susanna Buckland
  10. Mary Ann Buckland

Stephen and Melinda were parents of at least five children:

  1. Peter Buckland
  2. James Buckland
  3. Richard Buckland
  4. Francis Buckland
  5. Mary J. Buckland


156 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1852
George Peery, my 1st cousin, 2x removed, was one of seven children born to John Drew Peery and Mary Clay Gregory. See previous posts in January/February for siblings.
129 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1880
Arlington Hicks Neel was one of six 2nd cousins, 2x removed, born to Matthias Fox Neel and Hannah Letcher Daugherty.

  1. Arlington Hicks Neel
  2. Anna Lane Neel
  3. Ora Lee Neel
  4. Margaret Barnes Neel
  5. Clara B. Neel
  6. David Elgin Neel

Miss Madalyn Lula Ross

Congratulations to proud parents Michael & Katie Ross, grandparents David & Wanda Ross and great Granny Clara. Welcome Miss Madalyn Lula – you are beautiful. January 21, 2009.

Someday I’ll jump through puddles,
Take a stroll or run a race.
Someday I’ll walk across the street,
Or maybe walk in space,

Someday I’ll scale a mountain,
Or I’ll join a ballet corps.
Someday I’ll walk a tightrope,
Or explore the ocean floor.

Someday these feet will do some things,
That only heaven knows,
But for today they’re happy
Just to wiggle all their toes.

On This Day in 1858

151 Years Ago Today
February 25, 1858
Frances Sutherland was one of ten children born to Elijah Sutherland and Mary Polly Childress. See previous posts for her siblings, my 1st cousins, 3x removed. Frances married Lilburn Hendricks Kiser on September 24, 1878 and they had ten children.

  1. Carrie Nella Kiser
  2. Elijah Vallid Kiser
  3. James Artrip Kiser
  4. Mary Jane Kiser
  5. Archibald Jackson Kiser
  6. Houston J. Kiser
  7. Philip W. Kiser
  8. Fred Maynard Kiser
  9. Elihu Debusk Kiser
  10. Delphia Mae Kiser

On This Day in 1861

148 Years Ago Today
February 24, 1861 – October 29, 1943

William Beauregard Sutherland was one of fourteen children born to James Sutherland and Nancy Ann Counts. See previous posts in February for Wm and his siblings, my 1st cousins, 3x removed. Wm. married Eliza Jane Counts on May 27, 1881.

Eliza Jane Counts Sutherland

111 Years Ago Today
February 24, 1898 – 1990

Jack Dewey Sutherland was one of nine children born to Elijah B. Sutherland and Winnie Kiser. My 2nd cousins, 2x removed were:

  1. Raleigh Roy Sutherland
  2. Robert Trigg Sutherland
  3. Elsie Sutherland
  4. Edward Sutherland
  5. Henry Douglas Sutherland
  6. Jack Dewey Sutherland
  7. Holland Pitzer Sutherland
  8. Overton Harris Sutherland
  9. Lucy Bryan Sutherland

Jack Dewey Sutherland and Elsie Chaffin parented eight children, 3rd cousin, 1x removed.

  1. Jim Sutherland
  2. Betty Sutherland
  3. Jack Sutherland
  4. Mildred Sutherland
  5. Nan Sutherland
  6. Sue Sutherland
  7. Linda Sutherland
  8. Juda Sutherland

On This Day in 1887

122 Years Ago Today
February 24, 1887

Nancy Jane “Polly” Buckland married Charles W. Wimmer. My grandaunt was one of six children born to Jacob Alexander Buckland and Sarah Jane Tabor. See previous posts in January for her siblings, including her youngest brother – my grandfather, Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. Nancy is buried at the Compton Cemetery in Mudfork. Picture courtesy of Judy Llamas.

Nancy and Charles were parents to nine children:

  1. Alto Juanita Wimmer
  2. Robert Johnson Wimmer
  3. Arthur Wimmer
  4. Nora Lou Wimmer
  5. Edna Wimmer
  6. Charles W. Wimmer
  7. Eugene C. Wimmer
  8. Anna Wimmer
  9. Sallie J. Wimmer

On This Day in 1863

146 Years Ago Today
February 23, 1863

On that day, Francis Kiser married Joseph P. Hammonds. “Frankie”, my 1st cousin, 3x removed, was one of twelve children born to James S. “Bell Clapper” Kiser and Susan Sutherland. See January 4th post for siblings. Francis and Joseph had nine children.

  1. Margaret Elizabeth
  2. Sabastian Caleb
  3. Martha Alice
  4. Albert Monroe
  5. Cynthia Jane
  6. John M.
  7. Samuel J.
  8. Robert L.
  9. Mary Etta

105 Years Ago Today
February 23, 1904
Mattie Elizabeth Kiser married Floyd Calhoun Whetsel. See yesterday’s post for Mattie and her siblings.

On This Day in 1860

149 Years Ago Today
February 23, 1860
My 2nd great granduncle Franklin Clemons Gregory married Shelma Shawver in Tazewell County, VA. For a listing of their twelve children, see February 19th post. Franklin was one of fifteen children born to John Keatts Gregory and Elizabeth Holland Corder. See post of February 7th for siblings.
81 Years Ago Today
February 23, 1928 – August 23, 1995
Robert Nolan Davidson, my 2nd cousin, 1x removed, was born to Robert Wallace Davidson and Davida May Hardy in Springville, Utah.

On This Day in 1849

160 Years Ago Today
February 22, 1849 – January 6, 1922

My great grandmother Sarah Jane Tabor was one of eight children born to James Harrison and Nancy Moore (Runyan) Tabor.

  1. Emily Tabor
  2. Sarah Jane Tabor
  3. Samuel G. Tabor
  4. George C. Tabor
  5. William B. Tabor
  6. Joseph Wade Tabor
  7. James Robert Tabor
  8. Meldora Tabor

Sarah married Jacob Alexander Buckland on March 2, 1871 at Mudfork, VA. They were parents of six children:

  1. Nancy Jane Polly Buckland
  2. George Robert Sylvester Buckland
  3. Cora Belle Buckland
  4. William Harrison Buckland
  5. Samuel Graham Buckland
  6. Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. (my grandfather)

181 Years Ago Today
February 22, 1828 – November 19, 1864
Samuel Houston Letcher was one of at least four children born to William Houston Letcher and Elizabeth Davidson in Lexington, VA. My 1st cousins, 5x removed are:

  1. Governor John Letcher (VA’s Civil War governor)
  2. Mary B. Letcher
  3. William M. Letcher
  4. Samuel Houston Letcher

Samuel Houston Letcher – Captain, Co. H (2nd). b. Rockbridge Co. 2/23/28. gd. Washington College ’48 and LLD ’50. Lawyer and Editor, Lexington 4/18/61. Present until promoted Lt. Col. 58th VA. Inf. 10/31/61. Promoted Colonel 5/1/62. Resigned 10/31/62. Newspaper Editor, Lexington. d. Lexington 11/11/68. Bur. Stonewall Jackson Cem.