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On This Day in 1898

111 Years Ago Today
May 31, 1898

Captain Greenlee D. Letcher, my 2nd cousin, 4x removed, married Katherine Seymour Paul in Rockbridge County, VA. Captain Letcher was one of eleven children born to Governor John Letcher and Mary Susan Holt.

  1. William Holt Letcher
  2. Samuel Houston Letcher
  3. Andrew Holt Letcher
  4. John Davidson Letcher
  5. Margaret Kinney Letcher
  6. Mary Davidson Letcher
  7. Virginia Lee Letcher
  8. Greenlee Davidson Letcher
  9. Fannie Wilson Letcher
  10. Elizabeth Stuart Letcher
  11. Mary Susan Letcher

The Captain and Katherine S. (Paul) Letcher had three children.

  1. Greenlee D. Letcher
  2. John Letcher
  3. General John Seymour Letcher (father of author Katie Letcher Lyle)*

Greenlee Davidson Letcher
July 19, 1867 – August 12, 1954
Interred – Stonewall Jackson Cemetery – Lexington, VA


When her father died, author Katie Letcher Lyle uncovered in his garage three cartons of papers documenting four generations of her family. The boxes included an astonishing array of materials, including “letters, postcards, papers, documents, check registers, Confederate bills, files, receipts, old photographs, notebooks, envelopes of stamps, deeds, bills, depositions, certificates, proclamations, diplomas, and market lists.” Among them were the letters of her grandparents-Greenlee D. Letcher, the youngest child of John Letcher, Virginia’s Civil War governor, and his wife, Katherine (Katie) Seymour Paul. In My Dearest Angel, Lyle deftly tells the story of their life together.

Greenlee and Katie Letcher could not have been more different. He served as a state legislator, worked as a lawyer in Lexington, and traveled widely, all the while scribbling and sending letters. She was the daughter of a Republican circuit judge and state senator from Harrisonburg and shied away from public life, preferring instead the familiarity of home and family. Their marriage was tinged with melancholy: Two of their three children died, and Katie, who found fulfillment largely in her role as a mother, struggled throughout her life with ill health and depression. Greenlee’s letters addressed her as “Sweet Angel, My Own, My Love, My Life,” but she often chafed at the role of adored wife, spending long periods of time with her parents, on rest cures, or in hospitals, away from her husband and his family. Their letters provide an unusually intimate portrait of a marriage, beginning in 1898, when they wed at her parents’ home, and ending in 1947, when Katie died from a stroke.

On This Day in 1875

134 Years Ago Today
May 29, 1875

Elizabeth Sutherland married William L. Kiser. She was my 5th cousin, 3x removed and mother of ten.

  1. Walter Vermillion Kiser
  2. Wm Kinder “Jackie” Kiser
  3. Frank Fitzhugh Kiser
  4. John Trig Kiser
  5. Elijah Otas Kiser
  6. Marcus Henry Kiser
  7. Douglas Daniel Kiser
  8. Martha Dicie E. Kiser
  9. Arnold Gaines Kiser
  10. Ora Jackson Kiser

Elizabeth was one of ten children born to Elijah and Mary Polly (Childress) Sutherland.

  1. Elihu Sutherland
  2. Martha Jane Taylor Sutherland
  3. Elizabeth Sutherland
  4. Rebecca Sutherland
  5. Cynthia Sutherland
  6. Phoebe Sutherland
  7. Frances “Frankie” Sutherland
  8. Elijah Beauregard Sutherland
  9. Mary Sutherland
  10. Noah Sutherland

Happy Anniversary

14 Years Ago Today
May 27, 1995

OK, I couldn’t help but snatch a couple of shots from FB.
This one is sooo cute!

and who is the other woman?
You know the way to a man’s heart is
through his stomach.
What better way to woo him than with Paula Deen.

Has it really been 14 years since we road the train
ALL THE WAY to Delaware?
(18 hours worth of train riding)
Wow, time flies!

106 Years Ago Today
May 27, 1903

My 4th cousin, Ora Neel married Thomas Edward Nash. They had four children.

  1. Claude Witten Nash
  2. Nancy Ernestine Nash
  3. Anna May Nash
  4. Thomas Edward Nash, Jr.

Ora was one of six children born in Clear Fork, Tazewell County, VA, to Matthias Fox Neel and Harriet Letcher Daugherty.

  1. Arlington Hicks Neel
  2. Anna Lane Neel
  3. Ora Lee Neel
  4. Margaret Barnes Neel
  5. Clara B. Neel
  6. David Elgin Neel

Ora was one of six children born to

On This Day in 1881

128 Years Ago Today
May 28, 1881

William Beauregard and Eliza Jane (Counts)Sutherland were married. Wm B. was one of fourteen children (5th cousins, 3x removed) born to James and Nancy Ann (Counts) Sutherland.

  1. Phoebe Sutherland
  2. Noah Baldwin Sutherland
  3. Ezekiel Sutherland
  4. Margaret Sutherland
  5. Daniel Boone Sutherland
  6. Elizabeth Sutherland
  7. John Counts Sutherland
  8. Orpha Sutherland
  9. James H. Sutherland
  10. Rebecca Sutherland
  11. William Beauregard Sutherland
  12. Richard Sutherland
  13. Nancy Maryland Sutherland
  14. James E. “Little Jim” Sutherland

On This Day in 1824

185 Years Ago Today
May 26, 1824

John Henry Gregory, my 2nd great granduncle, was one of fifteen children born to John Keatts and Elizabeth Holland (Corder) Gregory. He married Elizabeth Brooks in November of 1846 in Madison County, TN. They had five children. See previous posts for siblings.

  1. Elizabeth Tennessee Gregory
  2. Lewis R. Gregory
  3. P.A. Gregory
  4. Mary A. Gregory
  5. John B. Gregory

On This Day in 1915

94 Years Ago Today
May 26, 1915 – October 23, 1992

Ellis Vaden Davis, Jr. was one of ten children born to
Asa C. and Altha R. (Brooks) Davis.
  1. Grace Erie Davis
  2. Lacy Clarence Davis, Sr.
  3. Ila Lillian Davis
  4. Hollie William Davis
  5. Joella Davis
  6. Lettie Russell Davis
  7. Ellis Vaden Davis
  8. Leman Clifton “Sleepy” Davis
  9. Nannie Lucille Davis (my mother)
  10. Evelyn Elizabeth Davis

Uncle Vaden married Maxine Peery and they had two children:

  1. Ellis Vaden “June” Davis, Jr.
  2. Rita Mae Davis

Memorial Day

In Flanders Fields John McCrae, 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.