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TABOR Cemetery at Mudfork

Picture of Stephen Paris Tabor & Family
Top row Henry J., James H., Dicy Jane, Ballard W.
Middle row Sarah (Sallie) Stephen P., Harriett, Eleanor (Havens)
Maggie, Stephen J.
Stephen Paris Tabor
s/o James Tabor
& Henrietta Blackwell Tabor
They say that James s/o William Tabor (England) & Nelly
Other children of James & Henrietta are:
1. Isaac Patton Tabor
2.William Bartley Tabor
3. James Harrison Tabor m. Nancy Moore Runyan
(parents of Sarah Jane Tabor who married Jacob Buckland
L.W. Buckland, Sr. parents)
4. Stephen Paris Tabor
5. Sarah “Sallie” Tabor
6. Martha L. Tabor
7. John A. Tabor
8. Hiram Herman Tabor
9. Teresia Tabor
10. Tabitha H. “Tiny” Tabor
11. Andrew Jackson Tabor
12. Nancy Elizabeth Tabor
James Tabor 1786-1859
Henrietta Blackwell Tabor b. 1790
Married About 1809
Buried at Tabor Cemetery, Mudfork, Falls Mills, VA

Stephen Paris Tabor 1825-1888

Dicy Jane Tabor 1856-1881 d/o Stephen P. & Elanor “Ellen” Havens

Ellen Tabor

Everitta (maybe Harriett?) Tabor
George Tabor b. 1800
Stephen J. Tabor 1873-1877

Peery Family related by Gregory Marriage

Mary Jane Davidson gd/o Daniel Parham Gregory & Mary Jane Daugherty
Daniel’s sister Mary Clay married John Drew Peery
John Drew Peery 10-1-1807 7-29-1884
Mary Jane Buckland’s great aunt’s husband (got that?)
John Drew Peery s/o Major Peery and Eleanor Harman
John D. is buried at the Whitley-Peery Cemetery
Riverside Drive, N.Tazewell, Virginia

On the back of this picture, Mary Jane Buckland wrote

Cousin John Peery 1897

He could be the grandchild of John D. Peery above.

CHARLES HENRY6 PEERY (MARY CLAY5 GREGORY, JOHN KEATTS4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born 01 Jun 1851, and died 18 Jan 1935. He married ELLEN PHOEBE BEAVERS 28 Jan 1873, daughter of MATHIAS BEAVERS and MARGARET WHITLEY. She was born 21 Sep 1853, and died 15 Feb 1923.

i. JOHN DREW7 PEERY, b. 17 Aug 1874


How exciting on my trip to VA to find
so much information on the BROOKS family.
My mother Nannie Lucille Davis Buckland
d/o Altha Brooks & Asa Davis (Jessee line)
Altha Rudolph Brooks
d/o William Brooks & Mary Sutherland (Sutherland-Kiser line)
William s/o John Brooks and Elizabeth Ciller Hill
The Brooks Family on Sandy Ridge 1910

John Brooks 1815 – 1910

Elizabeth “Betty” Hill 1820 – 1914

William “Bill” Brooks 1852 – 1939

Joseph Brooks & Alverda Kiser
Solomon Brooks and family
Benjamin Brooks and wife

Charles Douglas Brooks & Etry Austin Brooks
James Brooks & Eliza

Jessee Family Reunion

Here we are in Abingdon, VA
which, by the way, looks like an ideal spot to live. I’m serious when I say Abingdon is picture perfect and inviting me to take a closer look to at least renting a place for an extended visit.
We met some wonderful cuzins who take this family stuff quite to heart, as do I. I’ve never been to a place where they introduce themselves, not by their own name, but by their ancestor’s names.
I’m John Jessee’s 5th great granddaughter
through his and Frankie Lea’s son John, Jr.

They ask who you are,
and then immediately start dragging you around the room to meet your grandmother’s nephew’s brother’s cousin once removed…or something like that. What a blast!
We’ve all got a story to tell,
but boy did I hear stories….especially about Nannie Jessee, Davis, White, Elkins, Lowe, who is my mother’s grandmother and her namesake for Nannie Lucille Davis Buckland. Pauline has the scoop on her. If you’re lookin’ to get in the DAR, just put Pauline on the case:)
And don’t forget the BROOKS connection.
Kathy is a wealth of information, and I hope to share pictures with her very soon when I get them sorted out. Hank assured me that “if you meet a Davis, you are probably not related; if you meet a Jessee, you probably are”.
You folks who have never been to a reunion,
need to do it at least once.
What a trip!
I think we should plan one ourselves
in Tazewell County.
Whatcha say?

David Daugherty

I cannot prove that this couple in the photograph is the same
David A. Daugherty & Nannie L. Moore Daugherty that are
buried in Falls Mills at the abandoned cemetery.
However, I believe that it very well may be.
Like many early 20th century women,
Grandmother Buckland kept a personal scrap book filled
with closely trimmed newspaper clippings of friends and family.
Many engagement or wedding announcements
and obituaries are yellowed from the sticky glue mounting.
One such entry in this historical treasure is an
obituary for Rev. D. A. Daugherty.
The news of that day validates the markings
on the headstone and exclaims his family connection
as nephew to Virginia’s Civil War Governor John Letcher.
The governor’s mother was Elizabeth Davidson
d/o John Davidson (d. 1762).
Inscribed on the back of this picture in Grandmother’s handwriting,
Uncle David Daugherty and his wife. He was a brother to Mary
Jane (Daugherty) Gregory, my mother’s mother.

Governor John Letcher

Please contact me with any information
on the Davidson’s or Daugherty’s.

Diggin’ a little deeper (literally)

Over the river and through the horse poop….
Yep! that’s right. Buck, Larry and I were diligent in our efforts
to find another old cemetery at Falls Mills, VA.
Just past Louie Hall’s store (not there anymore) and just past a stone house Merv Anderson once owned, turn left and go up a hill. A rut driveway off to the right leads to Jerry Taylor’s property and horse pasture. A very nice neighbor gave us the grand tour through the pasture, behind the stalls and up the hill to an all but abandoned and definitely neglected cemetery. I don’t know the name of this sacred place, but the horses have trampled through the cemetery, turning over monuments and destroying anything in their paths.
Is there anyway we could all get together and buy a few fence posts and some fencing?
Would that keep the horses out?
Would anyone volunteer to install the fence posts?
Would Mr. Jerry Taylor be willing to let us do that?
Please comment with any suggestions you may have.
I’m sure Mr. Taylor does not mean any harm, however,
it seems such a shame to disrespect these remains in this way.
When they are gone, and everyone who knew them is gone…
it’s as though they never existed.

Pictures from the Kiser-Sutherland Reunion August 2008

Lucille Davis Buckland (86) d/o Altha Brooks & Asa Davis
d/o Wm Brooks & Mary Sutherland
d/o Jesse & Mahalia Kiser Sutherland
Joe Kiser (90) s/o Loy & Iris Kiser
gs/o Abe Kiser & Sarah Sutherland
ggs/o Nimrod Kiser

Lucille & Clara Evans d/o Elsie Sutherland

Sherry Buckland Kelly & Clara Evans
Ruby Campbell – Lucille – Joe

Thank you Becky Chafin for all the hard work. I’m thrilled to meet you and all my other CUZINS! Why didn’t I get a picture with you and with Shirley? You girls are so much help.
My first visit to Cleveland was an experience. I’ll be back:)