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On This Day in 1851

157 Years Ago Today
December 30, 1851 – November 2, 1905

Samuel G. Tabor, my great granduncle was the 4th of 9 children born toJames Harrison Tabor and Nancy Moore Runyon

John Andrew Tabor
Emily Tabor
Sarah Jane Tabor (my g-grandmother
Samuel G. Tabor
George C. Tabor
William B. Tabor
Joseph Wade Tabor
James Robert Tabor
Meldora Tabor
77 Years Ago Today
December 30, 1931 – May 12, 1993
Tazewell County, VA – Veteran’s Cemetery, Brooksville, FL

William Paris Yost, Jr.(my 3rd cousin, once removed) was born in Tazewell County, VA to William Paris Yost and Jenetta “Nettie” Fay Steele Gregory. He married Louise Fox on May 10, 1957 and they had 5 children:

Irene Yost
Rhonda Yost
Sherry Yost
Tony Edward Yost, MD
William Paris Yost, III

132 Years Ago Today
December 30, 1876 – December 25, 1960

George Robert Buckland, my granduncle was one of six children born to Jacob Alexander Buckland and Sarah Jane Tabor in Falls Mills, VA.

Nancy Jane Polly Buckland
George Robert Buckland
Cora Belle Buckland
William Harrison Buckland
Samuel Graham Buckland
Larkin Watson Buckland (my grandfather)

He married Margaret Bennett Ritter of Burkes Garden in Tazewell County on January 1, 1902. I believe they had eight children

Sarah Elizabeth Buckland
Margaret Louise Buckland
Roberta Buckland
George Ritter “Porgie” Buckland
Clara Phyllis Buckland
Mary Winifred Buckland
Dorothy Nell Buckland
Norma Virginia Buckland

On This Day in 1842

166 Years Ago Today
December 28, 1842 – June 1, 1924
John Counts “Bull” Jessee of Russell County, VA was the youngest of fourteen (14) children born to George Lea Jessee and Elizabeth “Betsy” Counts.
  1. David Counts Jessee
  2. Nancy B. Jessee
  3. Margaret Jessee
  4. Frances Jessee
  5. George Lea Jessee
  6. Samuel Jessee
  7. Martin Counts Jessee
  8. Noah K. Jessee
  9. Jane Jessee
  10. Thomas Jefferson Jessee
  11. Elihu Kiser Jessee
  12. William Lea Jessee
  13. James M. Jessee
  14. John Counts Jessee, my 1st cousin, 5 times removed

John married Margaret “Peggie” Cross and they parented 10 children.

  1. Susan Helen Jessee
  2. William Robert Jessee
  3. Laura Jessee
  4. Charles Benson Jessee
  5. Asa Jeter Jessee
  6. Orpha Narcissus Jessee (stepmother to my grandmother Altha Brooks)
  7. Virthie Jessee
  8. Sally Jessee
  9. Nannie Maryanne Jessee
  10. Andrew J. Jessee

On This Day in 1667

341 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1667
John Jessee, my 7th great-grandfather was born.

According to Jim Jessee’s website
ID: I3358 Name: John JESSEE Sex: M Birth: 27 DEC 1667
Reference Number: 200 _UID: 6EDB01D906ABD146A732F3602B34C94C8B57
Note: The pedigree of John and Henry Jessee has been provided without any evidence by genealogical researchers in England, whose services were contracted by Dean Cornell Jessee, Salt Lake City, UT, and his brother. I believe we must consider this pedigree speculation, and our best research lead that needs to be proven or disquarded.
Change Date: 17 JAN 2004 at 20:18:38
Father: Henry JESSEE b: 1 FEB 1632 in North Molton, Devonshire, , England
Mother: Grace EDGLEYMarriage 1 Spouse Unknown
75 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1933 – November 26, 1971
Robert Sutherland, my 3rd cousin, once removed.
114 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1894
Alfarie LaForce married S. C. Hammonds

On This Day in 1982

Happy 26th Michael
December 27, 1982 ——————
131 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1877
John Kahle Walker, my 2nd cousin, twice removed, was the 2nd of 9 children born to Rev. John Randolph Walker and Mary Jane Brown from Tazewell County, VA. He was the grandson of Nancy Reeves Gregory and John Wesley Brown.

  1. Alexander Phillip Walker
  2. John Kahle Walker
  3. Marvin N. Walker
  4. Harriet Reaves Walker
  5. Robert Charles Walker
  6. Louise Laura Alice Walker
  7. Thomas Frank Fowler Walker
  8. Maybelle Stuart Walker
  9. Eleanor Stuart Walker

61 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1947

Fay Gregory Yost (3rd cousin, once removed)
married Ermil Osbourne in Greenville, SC.
Fay is the daughter of Jenetta “Nettie” Fay Steele Gregory and Wm Paris Yost.