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Happy Birthday Cameron!

Enjoy your big day Cam!

138 Years Ago Today
June 29, 1871 – January 19, 1939

Charles Edward Gregory (Franklin Clemons, John Keatts, William, John, Thomas III, Thomas II, Thomas, Richard) was one of twelve children born to Franklin Clemons and Shelma Statira V. (Shawver) Gregory in Tazewell County, VA. Charles, my 1st cousin, 3x removed, married Yeuracia Florence (Caldwell) on February 23, 1860. They had two children that I know of – Carl David and Jenetta Fay “Nettie” Steele.

On This Day in 1879

130 Years Ago Today
June 27, 1879 – February 27, 1968

Carrie Nelia Kiser (Lilburn Hendricks, Andrew A., John C.) was one of ten children born to Reverend Lilburn Hendricks and Frances “Frankie” (Sutherland) Kiser. See post on June 10th for siblings.

Carrie, my 6th cousin, 2x removed, married Ephriam Mexico Kiser on July 4, 1899 in Russell County, Va. They were the parents of six children.

  1. Robert Lee Kiser
  2. Hazel Glenn Kiser
  3. Leatha May Kiser
  4. Clarence Mack Kiser
  5. Paul Wilson Kiser
  6. Thomas Clifton “Cliff” Kiser

114 Years Ago Today
June 27, 1895

My great grand uncle, Solomon Lemuel Brooks (John Jeremiah, Constantanople, William) married Rosanna Amburgey. Uncle Sol was one of thirteen children born to John Jeremiah and Elizabeth “Betty” (Hill) Brooks. He and Aunt Rosa had three children that I know of, (1)Swanson, (2)Ezra, (3) Ester.

As recorded in PIONEER RECOLLECTIONS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA, by Hettie Swindall Sutherland, Copyright 1984-1995; Published 2007 by Dickenson County Books.Solomon L. Brooks recollects…as told to Elihu Jasper Sutherland:

I was born on Big Rock Creek, right under Roan Mountain, in Mitchell County, North Carolina, on January 17, 1856. My parents were John and Elizabeth __________ (I forgot her maiden name). My grandparents were Constantine and __________ Brooks. He was a half Indian and lived in Rutherford County, NC out the South Carolina line.

My parents came to Sandy about 1866 or 1868 – I was ten or twelve years old then. They settled on Russell Fork, just below the Johnson Bottom Baptist Church and a short distance above the mouth of Indian Creek. It was on the old Billy Barnett Place. We stayed there four or five years, and then moved into the woods up on Sullivan Branch near Henry Sutherland’s. The people I remember being in that section at that time were John Duty, Henry Sutherland and the Tillers. Old Man Duty, the father of Doctor John, was dead, but he had lived at the forks of Indian Creek, where Lem Duty later lived. Billy Barnett lived near the Johnson Bottom Church. He had known my father before they left North Carolina, where they had lived near each other. Jerry Compton and Burrell Compton lived on Abner’s Branch. Bill Barnett, son of Billy, lived at the mouth of Big Branch. Feddy Deel had his home down the river a mile or two, and Ancil Johnson lived on the ridge near where his son, Harve, now lives.

On our trip to Virginia, we all walked most of the way. We carried bundles of clothing, cooking vessels and other things. My oldest brother, Alfred Broods, had married Billy Barnett’s sister and had already settled on a farm below the mouth of Abner’s Branch. We came on the railroad to Abingdon, Virginia; then on the dirt road through Hayter’s Gap in Clinch Mountain; then by Nash’s Ford, Big A Mountain and on down Russell Fork to the Barnett Place, where we settled first. There were few roads at that time, and it was four or five years after we came that we saw any wagons on our section of Russell Fork.

My parents children were… (see June 14th post)

Father has been dead about twenty years. He died on Copper Ridge, aged 94 years, 9 months and 9 days. Mother died about 16 years ago, aged 94 years, 6 months and 6 days.

There were no schools on Russell Fork when I moved there. We stayed at the Sullivan Branch Place five or six years, and then moved to the Joseph Artrip Place at the mouth of Island Branch below Cleveland.

I have shot the gun that killed Indicut on Long Ridge near Abner’s Branch. Dr. John Duty had it when I shot it. I used ita lot in hunting. One day Henry Sutherland told me I would find the print of a rifle’s muzzle in a chestnut log on Long Ridge, and that it was made by the Indicut gun. Me and my brother Charles looked it up one day and found that it fit the gun exactly. I have heard the old folks talk a lot about Brewer killing Indicut on Long Ridge, but I don’t remember the details now.

Solomon L. Brooks
December 2, 1930
Clintwood, Virginia

Happy Birthday Cecil

68 Years Ago Today
June 27, 1941

Have a great day cuz!


80 Years Ago Today
June 27, 1929 – June 25, 1964

My 3rd cousin, 1x removed, Donald Edward Tabor (George Edward “Hub”, Henry J., Stephen Paris, James, William) was one of only two children that I know of born to George Edward and Annie Marie (Harris) Tabor. His sister was Judy Gail Tabor. Donald Edward served in the US Air Force during World War II and is buried in the Tabor Cemetery at Mudfork, Tazewell County, VA.

On This Day in 1880

129 Years Ago Today
June 26, 1880 – November 11, 1906

Obed E. Gregory was one of ten children born to Thomas Edward (John Keatts, William, John) and Martha J. (Steele) Gregory.

  1. Emma E. Gregory
  2. George R. Gregory
  3. Ella L. Gregory
  4. Perlina Belle Gregory
  5. Samuel W. Gregory
  6. Martha J. Gregory
  7. Mary N. Gregory
  8. Obed E. Gregory (my 1st cousins, 3x removed)
  9. Grover Cleveland Gregory
  10. Edward S. Gregory

On This Day in 1857

152 Years Ago Today
June 24, 1857 – November 21, 1922 My great grandmother, Eliza Greever Gregory, was one of six children born to Daniel Parham and Mary Jane (Daugherty) Gregory in Tazewell County, VA.

  1. John K.L. Gregory (twin)
  2. Elizabeth Hollard Gregory (twin)
  3. Nancy Ward “Nannie” Gregory
  4. Eliza Greever Gregory
  5. Lewis (Louis) H. Gregory
  6. Not too sure – Lucy Gregory

Eliza married Erastus Granger Davidson on July 22, 1859 and they were parents to eight children.

  1. Charles Lewis Davison
  2. Mary Jane Davidson (my grandmother)
  3. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson
  4. Cosby Isabell Davidson
  5. Samuel Patton Davidson
  6. Luther Hefford Davidson
  7. Nannie Crockett Davidson
  8. Ella Finley (Findley) Davidson

This picture shows the family except for Ella, so it was taken between 1901 and 1903.

120 Years Ago Today
June 24, 1889

Melissa M. (Walker) married my 1st cousin, 3x removed, George Fulton Daugherty (David Allen, John L., John, John). George was 1st cousin to Eliza above. Her mother, Mary Jane Daugherty and his father, David Allen Daugherty were siblings.

On This Day in 1885

124 Years Ago Today
June 24, 1885

Rosy M. Davis (Charles Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Caleb, Robert) was one of six children born to Charles Henry “Charley and Mary Ann (Fields) Davis in Russell County, VA.

  1. Jefferson C. Davis
  2. Laura Davis
  3. Rosy M. Davis (my 1st cousins, 2x removed)
  4. Wilson H. Davis
  5. Lilly M. Davis
  6. Ollie B. Davis

On This Day in 1839

170 Years Ago Today
June 23, 1839 – July 1862

My 2nd great grand uncle, James Madison Gregory (John Keatts, William, John, Thomas III, Thomas II, Thomas, Richard) was one of fifteen children born to John Keatts and Elizabeth Holland (Corder) Gregory of Pittsylvania County, VA. James M. married Barbara Jane (Whitley) on December 24, 1857 in Tazewell County, VA. They had two daughters before his Civil War death in Texas.

  1. Daniel Parham Gregory (my 2nd great grandfather)
  2. Louis Corder Gregory
  3. William Lowery Gregory
  4. Perlina Ledford Gregory
  5. John Henry Gregory
  6. Permelia Clement Gregory
  7. Martha Tucker Gregory
  8. Mary Clay Gregory
  9. Richard Shadrack Gregory
  10. Nancy Reeves Gregory
  11. Elizabeth Holland Gregory
  12. Franklin Clemons Gregory
  13. James Madison Gregory
  14. Thompson Edward Gregory
  15. Doctor Clauton Gregory

Just this week I was contacted by a relative who supplied this information below. It details the Gregory’s trek west by wagon. Also one document shows the probate after James Madison Gregory’s death. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cindy.

92 Years Ago Today
June 23, 1917 – February 4, 1921

My 2nd cousin, 2x removed, Claude Gregory, was one of three known children born to Lewis (Louis) F. and Alice Jane (Keesee) Gregory. He died at the age of 3 from measels and is buried at the Walnut Grove Cemetery in Bluefield, Mercer County, WV. I visited that cemetery in May 2009, but did not find his gravesite. There is a possibility that he is buried in the Kessee plot which includes some unmarked graves.

On This Day in 1822

187 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1822

Henry Kiser, was one of thirteen children born to Ephriam and Mary Polly (Sutherland) Kiser in Russell County, VA. My 1st cousins, 4x removed.

  1. Abednego Kiser
  2. John Kiser
  3. Henry Kiser
  4. Nimrod Kiser
  5. James Marshall “Buck Jim” Kiser
  6. Ephriam Kiser
  7. Elijah Kiser
  8. Elihu L. Kiser
  9. Jeptha Kiser
  10. Noah Kiser
  11. Daniel Sutherland Kiser
  12. Rachel Kiser
  13. Joseph Augustus Kiser


125 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1884

Mary Kiser, my 2nd cousin, 3x removed, married Robert Hamond.

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy, Happy, Happy Day!

Seems just a few short years ago that I received this cute school picture.
My how you have grown. Have a wonderful and blessed celebration.

90 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1919 – February 23, 1941
Charles Edward Buckland, Jr. was one of eight children born to Charles, Sr. and Elizabeth Burnett “lizzie” Hudgins in Tazewell County, VA.
  1. Louise Annie “John” Buckland
  2. William Clyde Buckland
  3. Joseph Kelser Buckland
  4. Una Blanche Buckland
  5. Maude Clara Buckland
  6. Clyde Curtis “Curt” Buckland
  7. Charles Edward Buckland, Jr. (my 2nd cousin, 1x removed)
  8. Hubert Buckland

Harry Cemetery, Falls Mills, VA