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There was no shortage of Jessee’s in this unit, the 29th Virginia Infantry!
29th Virginia InfantrySoldiers recruited in Russell County

Jessee Noah K. 30th A 7/10/61
Jessee Charles C. 29th G 3/27/62
Jessee David Lee 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee Fullen H. 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee John C. 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee John Tivis 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee Joseph 29th A 8/5/62
Jessee Martin C. 29th A 8/5/62
Jessee Stanford L. 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee Thomas Jefferson 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee Elihu Kiser 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee Timothy S. 29th A 8/5/62
Jessee William L. 29th A 8/1/62

Jessee William Mc. 29th A 7/10/61
Jessee Ephraim K. 29th G 3/27/62
Jessee Vincent 29th G 3/27/62

The Brooks Girls

(1-r back row) Emily Jane Sutherland (November 9, 1959)
& Malvie Brooks Cook
(l-r front row) Rose Brooks Jessee (1880)
& Altha Brooks Davis (October 15, 1884)
I’m not certain, but the information that I have for this picture is Emily Sutherland. My genealogy information states that Emily (sister to Malvie, Rose and Altha) married a Johnson. This Emily is probably the younger sister of Mary Sutherland Brooks.
The three girls are daughters of William Brooks and Mary Sutherland. Two brothers were also born of this union, Emery or Emory and Deward. Mary Sutherland died right after the birth of her son Deward. Mom always said that she died of “child bed fever.” Does anyone have more information on this family?

Erastus Granger Davidson – Eliza Greever Gregory

Erastus Granger Davidson, b. Abt. January 25, 1852; d. February 13, 1924
m. Eliza Greever Gregory, January 20, 1880

Eliza was b. June 24, 1856 – d. November 22, 1922

i. Charles Lewis Davidson, born September 16, 1882; married
ii. Mary Jane Davidson, b. October 13, 1886 in Tazewell, Virginia;

d. October 20, 1960 in Bluefield, West Virginia buried Harry Cemetery;
m. Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. March 3, 1909 in Tazewell County, Virginia
iii. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson, b. January 2, 1890; d. Bef. 1980;
m. Robert Johnson Wimmer
iv. Cosby Isabell Davidson, b. May 4, 1891; m. Stone
v. Samuel Patton Davidson, b. August 24, 1893
vi. Luther Hefford Davidson, b. December 12, 1898
vii. Nannie Crockett Davidson, b. March 6, 1900; m. Ezra McHaffa.
viii. Ella Findley Davidson, b. May 11, 1903; m. (1) Akers; m. (2) Bell.

William Brooks (my g-grandfather)

William Brooks (father of Altha Rudolph Brooks)
Orpha Narcissus Jessee November 7, 1876 (stepmother)
Vernon Cecil Jessee writes, “Aunt Orpha Jessee Brooks
lived on a farm near Spring City, between Cleveland and Lebanon…”

William Brooks (son of John and Elizabeth Brooks) with son-in-law Ellis Jessee. (Ellis married Rose Brooks, daughter of Wm Brooks and Mary Sutherland)

Nannie Ward Gregory

This same image is in Pendleton’s History of Tazewell County. Miss Nannie Ward Gregory was an expert weaver and is shown by her grandmother’s loom which was 100 years old at the 1920 printing of the book. Nannie was the sister of Eliza Greever Gregory who married Elijah Granger Davidson; the parents of Mary Jane Buckland. I believe that is my g-great aunt.

Asa C. Davis 1884-1962

1 Thomas Jefferson Davis 1825 –
.. +Sarah Ann Combs 1822 –
…….. 2 John Davis 1852 – 1889
………… +Caroline Mitchell 1852 –
…….. 2 Doctor Caleb Davis 1853 – 1899
………… +Nancy C. “Nannie” Jessee 1854 – 1925
………………. 3 Samuel A. Davis 1872 –
………………. 3 Jefferson Bonaparte Davis 1874 –
………………. 3 Charles Henry “Keen Eye” 1876 –
………………. 3 Mary A. Davis 1877 –
………………. 3 Sarah Ellen Davis 1879 – 1879
………………. 3 Manerva Josephine “Josie” Davis 1881 –
………………. 3 Polly M. Davis 1883 –
………………. 3 Asa C. Davis 1884 – 1962
………………….. +Altha Rudolph Brooks 1884 – 1980

…Nannie Lucille Davis Buckland
Sherry Lynn Buckland

Happy Birthday Lucille

What a great time! Lucille and most of her grandchildren during her surprise 80th birthday party. Christa, Sarah, Katie, Brian, Sherry Ann, Larry Ray, Mimi, Christine. (we missed you David)

I can’t believe almost 5 years have passed since then.
Happy Birthday again on September 3rd

Uncovering another layer to expose more roots

Thank you to the Sutherland’s and Kiser’s Research
(Davis – Brooks – Sutherland – Kiser)
Nannie Lucille Davis Buckland 9-03-1921
Altha Rudolph Brooks Davis 10-15-1884 – 12-04-1980
Mary P. Sutherland Brooks 5-8-1858 – 10-26-1891
Mahala Kiser Sutherland 10-18-1833 – 1-20-1926
Joseph Kiser, Jr.

24. JESSE3 SUTHERLAND (Daniel2, James1) (#1487) was born 15 April 1830. Jesse died 10 October 1913 at 83 years of age.
He married MAHALA KISER 18 September 1851. (Mahala Kiser is #561.) Mahala was born in Russell Co, Va 18 October 1833. Mahala was the daughter of Joseph Kiser Jr and Mary “Polly” Childers. Mahala died 20 January 1926 at 92 years of age. In 1924, Mahala stated: “I married Jessee … and came here to live in September 1851. The house we are now living in was built later … Not long after we were married, I went across Clinch River to visit Daddy’s. Coming back, I started to row the canoe across the river, but the pole broke and I fell in deep water. Jesse happened to be working near and saw me fall in. He rushed in and, though I was much heavier than him, he got me in the canoe and saved me from drowning … (she could not swim; she always said that thereafter she thought Jesse was the biggest, bravest and strongest man she ever saw) … Jesse helped run a water mill. During the Civil War, Jesse was a member of Capt R. M. Hager’s Co. but was later detailed back home as blacksmith and “horse’shoer” for the community. Jesse belonged to the Mis-sionary Baptist Church, the same to which I belong. It was the old Sulphur Spring Church on Mill Creek, which was later moved to Cleveland. Jesse is buried next to Daniel in the family cemetary on the homeplace out there be-side the railroad.” E. J. Sutherland’s Some Descendants of John Counts, Sutherland Appendix C-25 pg 374, Kiser D-11, pg 334

Jesse Sutherland and Mahala Kiser had the following family:

117 i. MATILDA4 was born 11 July 1854
ii. PHOEBE (#1489) was born 6 September 1856. Phoebe died 17 April 1860 at 3 years of age.
iii. MARY P. (#1490) was born 8 May 1858. Mary died 26 October 1891 at 33 years of age.
iv. EMILY JANE (#1491) was born 9 November 1859. She married JOHNSTON BAXTER KISER . (Johnston Baxter Kiser is #1880.) Johnston was born 1849. Johnston was the son of Nimrod Kiser and Martha ‘Mattie’ Childers.
118 v. SARAH ‘SALLIE’ was born 3 June 1861
vi. ALABAMA (#1493) was born 22 March 1863. She married THOMAS DAVIS . (Thomas Davis is #7411.) Thomas was the son of Jeff Davis.
vii. THOMAS A. (#1494) was born 27 October 1865. Thomas died 19 January 1956 at 90 years of age. He married TABITHA FIELDS . (Tabitha Fields is #7413.) Tabitha died 1950. In 1950, Thomas stated: “My parents lived with my grandparents, DANIEL SUTHERLAND and his wife PHOEBE. I lived there with my parents until their deaths, and then until this summer when my wife died. Afterwards I moved down here with ELIHU KISER and his wife, whom we reared. … When I was a boy … would go to the big bottom just opposite the mouth of Dumps Creek … found several Indian skeletons. Every time the Clinch got up it would wash up the Indian bones along the river bank. We would hunt along the bank and when we found a dark spot in the ground we would dig … We would always find bones, beads and pottery. The bones were old and brittle. I do not know where any of these things are now.” They had no children. SUTHERLAND D-119 pg 375
119 viii. MARGARET P. was born 14 April 1867
ix. JOSEPH (#1496) was born 16 September 1868. Joseph died 27 February 1907 at 38 years of age. He married ROSIE COMBS . (Rosie Combs is #7416.) Rosie was the daughter of William Combs and Mary.
120 x. SAMUEL PERRY was born 25 June 1870
xi. DANIEL (#1498) was born 20 April 1872.