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Requested Brooks Family Pics

BOYD, Andrew and Ciller Lester Boyd - parents of Nancy Boyd Brooks

BROOKS Aunt Malvie, Uncle Doc Cook, Maynard, Don, Ruth

Armalda Vernon “Malvie” Brooks Cook 1880-1973 daughter of Wm Brooks (1858-1939) & Mary Sutherland Brooks

BROOKS Benjamin  & Haley Thacker Brooks son of John & Elizabeth Brooks

BROOKS Benjamin (1864-1938) & Haley Thacker Brooks son of John (1812-1910) & Elizabeth Hill Brooks

BROOKS Betty Hill sife of John mother of Wm

Brooks, Elizabeth “Betty” Hill (1824-1914) wife of John Brooks (my 2nd great grandparents)

BROOKS Charles AND Nancy Boyd son of John & Elizabeth Brooks

Brooks, Charles (1853-1937) with wife Nancy Boyd. Charles is the son of John & Elizabeth Hill Brooks

BROOKS Charles Brooks Family

Charles Brooks Family photo

BROOKS Charles Brooks with cane

Charles Brooks

BROOKS Elizabeth Hill b. 1822 photo 1870

Elizabeth “Betty” Hill Brooks (1824-1914) photo about 1870

BROOKS Emily, Malvie, Rose Altha

Daughters of Wm Brooks & Mary Sutherland Brooks. Altha – my grandmother

BROOKS James & Elizabeth Brooks & James Brooks son of John & Elizabeth B and dau of Ransom Br brother of John Br

Brooks, James (b.1845) & wife Elizabeth. James is the son of John & Elizabeth Hill Brooks

BROOKS John 1812-1910

John Brooks (1812-1910)

BROOKS John Brooks, Jr

John Brooks, Jr. (b. 1949) married Martha Boyd

BROOKS Joseph & Alverda Kiser Brooks son of John & Elizabeth Hill Brooks dau of Fullen & Matilda Sutherland Kiser

Joseph Brooks (1862-1947) married Alverda Kiser. Joseph is the son of John & Elizabeth Hill Brooks

BROOKS May 1966 Hobert Ezekiel Brooks and Hattie Russell Bausell Br

Hobert Ezekiel Brooks (1900-1971) with wife Hattie Russell Bausell (photo 1946)

BROOKS Rosa and Ellis Jessee

Rose Belle Brooks (1888-1980) and husband Ellis Jessee. Daughter of Wm & Mary Sutherland Brooks

BROOKS Solomon Brooks & Rosa, Ezra, Ester, Swanson

Solomon Brooks (b. 1856) and wife Elizabeth Williams, with Rosa, Ezra, Ester, Swanson. (My records indicate they had 2 children, Eula and Eugene??) Solomon is the son of John & Elizabeth Brooks.

BROOKS Wm Bill Hensley

William M. “Bill” Brooks (1858-1939) my great grandfather and son of John Jeremiah Brooks & Elizabeth “Betty” Hill.

BROOKS Wm Brooks - Orpha Jessee

William Brooks (my great grandfather) and 2nd wife Orpha N. Jessee. His 1st wife Mary Sutherland (1858-1891) (my great grandmother)

BROOKS Wm Brooks, Uncle Ellis Jessee

BROOKS, Rose Brooks Gent, Lillians mother

Rose Brooks Gent (b.1898) daughter of Charles Brooks & Nancy Jane Boyd Brooks.

Many thanks  to Nancy Fields, Kathy Haynes & Becky Chafin for sharing pictures and Brooks family research.

According to family history Nancy ____ the wife of William Brooks was a full-blooded Indian but I don’t think anyone knows which tribe.  I have heard some of my uncles (Garrett line whose mother was a Brooks) talk about Constants (Constantinople , son of William) as being half Indian. Constants was the father of John who then would have been one quarter Indian, and so on. I believe there are some definite physical characteristics in the Brooks family that would indicate Indian heritage. My father had brothers and sisters with coal black straight hair (but he had red hair…Sutherland). So, 
I have pictures of Joseph, James, Solomon, and Benjamin Brooks (all sons  of John and Elizabeth Hill Brooks).

John and Elizabeth went to Buchanan
County after the Civil War from Mitchell County, NC, and then on to Russell County.

BROOKS –  The Brooks Family came from Yancy County, NC.

The Brooks Family
Yancy County, NC
Rock Creek 1850’s
Fork Mt. Area 1860’s

Constantine was in NC, his son John came to Russell County to Rock Creek 1850’s and Fork Mt. Area 1860’s. 

Altha Rudolph Brooks d/o William M. Brooks & Mary Sutherland

Mary died at the at the age of 33 due to complications from the birth of their 6th child Deward.

Mary d/o Mahala Kiser and Jessee Sutherland

Mahala d/o Joseph Kiser, Jr. & Mary Polly Childress

Jessee s/o Daniel Sutherland & Phoebe Fuller

William Brooks s/o John Brooks & Elizabeth Hill

John s/o Constantine (Constantnople) Brooks (Rutherford County, NC) * Rutha Daily

Constant s/o William Brooks  & Nancy ? (full blooded Indian)

William Brooks was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1745 and died in Rutherford County, NC or in Cleveland County, NC in 1844. He enlisted in the Army in 1776 – the year the Revolutionary War began – where he was living at the time in Fredrick County, Maryland. He enlisted for a period of one year. During this year of service, he participated in the Battles of Harlem, Long Island and White Plain, New York. In White Plain he was wounded and sent to the hospital. After his release from the hospital, his tour of duty was complete and he moved to Guilford County, North Carolina. While a resident of Guilford County, he served three additional short tours of duty including the Battle of Charleston, South Carolina.


About 1787-88, he moved westward into Rutherford County and settled on Sandy Run Creek, which in 1841 became Cleveland County, North Carolina. This is the county where he died. We actually found no record of his marriage, but did find that his wife was named Nancy and the records show they raised nine sons and one daughter on the farm they owned and run a grist mill. According to his will, their children were John 1779, David 1781, Samuel 1797, Constantanople 1783, Joseph 1785, Issac 1787, Moses 1795, Aaron 1790, Hiram 1793, Elizabeth 1802.


Constant married Ruth Daily and was the only son to remain in Cleveland County. They raised a large family of 10 or 11 and one of their sons was John Brooks that married Elizabeth Betty Hill (or Hillmaiden) who had Alfred, Martin, James, Judith, John, Mary E. (Grandpa) Charles, William, Solomon and Rebecca C.