Bertha Ward Buckland

The wedding announcement for Bertha Ward Buckland was found in a scrapbook belonging to her mother, Mary J. Buckland. She glued this newspaper clipping along with many interesting articles of the day. Some were poems, many obits and other interesting snippets. The picture is posted along with the article dated Sunday morning October 21, 1934.

Mrs. James Walter Lawrence, charming bride of the season, was Miss Bertha W. Buckland before her marriage. The ceremony was performed two weeks ago at Briston, Tenn. News of the wedding is of interest throughout this section, on account of the popularity of both the bride and bridegroom.

The marriage of Miss Bertha W. Buckland of Falls Mills, Va., to Mr. J. Walter Lawrence of Tazewell, Va., was so emnized in a beautiful and impressive ceremony performed Sunday evening, October 7 at 7:30 at the Methodist church parsonage of Bristol, Tenn., with the Rev. W.S. Baumgardner officiating.

The lovely bride, who is of the blonde type, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Buckland of Falls Mills. She graduated with the ’30 class of Graham high school. For the past two years she has been connected with Montgomery Ward and company of this city. She possesses a charming personality which has won her a host of friends.

Mr. Lawrence is a son of Mr. and Mrs. George Lawrence of Tazewell. He is a graduate of Tazewell high school and Tazewell Business college and now holds a responsible position with the Was-Cott Bottling company in Tazewell. Because of his integrity and business ability he has become widely popular in the community.

For the ceremony, the bride was attired in a beautiful blue fall costume with gray accessories. The bride’s sister, Miss Frances Buckland, and Mr. Walter Graham of Tazewell were the only attendants for the wedding.

In the near future, the happy couple will reside in Tazewell.

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