Jacob Alexander Buckland

Jacob Alexander Buckland (on the right)

1. Jacob Alexander Buckland, born November 26, 1849 in Tazewell County, Virginia; died November 1, 1919 in Falls Mills, Harry Cemetery. He was the son of Jacob W. Buckland and Martha W. “Patsy”. He married Sarah Jane Tabor March 2, 1871 in Mudfork. She was the daughter of James Harrison Tabor and Nancy Moore Runyan.

According to modern relatives (1990’s) Jacob ran a water mill at Falls Mills, Virginia. People came from miles around to grind corn and wheat. He also was a horse breeder. He imported a stud horse, named Brigadier, from England at a cost of $4,000. Sam Walton bought the horse first and sold it to Jacob Alex. Jacob traveled throughout the country renting the horse for stud service. Another horse, Deck, was also for stud service. He had a mare named Mell that the kids would ride. Jacob died of pneumonia caused from entering the icy water in winter to fix the mill.
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Occupation: Horse Breeder/Mill Owner-Operator
Children of Jacob Buckland and Sarah Tabor are:

i. Nancy Polly Buckland, born January 19, 1872 in Tazewell County, Virginia; died May 13, 1922; married Charles Wimmer February 24, 1887.
ii. George Robert Sylvester Buckland, born December 21, 1876 in Tazewell County, Virginia; died December 25, 1960 in Roanoke, Virginia; married Margaret R. Ritter January 1, 1902.
He attended Milligan College/Milligan Tn. Occupation: N&W Railroad
iii. Cora Belle Buckland, born April 12, 1878 in Tazewell County, Virginia; married (1) C.B. Crawford; married (2) A.D. Fields December 17, 1901.

iv. William Harrison Buckland, born January 7, 1882; died August 20, 1932 in Welch, W. Va.; married (1) Virginia “Jennie” Peake December 25, 1900 in Eckinan, McDowell County, W.Va.; married (2) Rebecca Atwell August 15, 1924 in Big Four, McDowell County, W. Va. He was hit by a bus and killed. Occupation: Rock Quarry/ Foreman Coal Mines (1920 Census)
v. Samuel G. Buckland, born Abt. March 20, 1883 in Stony Ridge.

vi. Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr., born February 14, 1885 in Mudfork, Tazewell County, Virginia; died February 5, 1967 in Falls Mills, Virginia Harry Cemetery; married Mary Jane Davidson March 3, 1909 in Tazewell County, Virginia. Although Watson was a retired engineer for the Norfork and Western Railroad, he also worked as a fireman and PM section gang. He previously worked in a rock quarry for .50 per day. He was a member and honorary elder of Falls Mills Christian Church, a lifetime member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and a member of the Bluefield Old Guard. He and his family moved from Bluefield, West Virginia to Falls Mills in May 1922, to the log cabin his parents had lived in. He later built a brick home on the property, which is currently (1993) owned and occupied by his son and wife, Robert and Margaret Buckland.
Cause of Death: Conjestive Lungs
Church Affiliation: Falls Mills Christian Church
Date of Baptism: June 1911 by W.S. Bullard, Falls Mills, Va
Occupation: N&W Railroad Eng. Retired 1951/48yr Svc.

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