A Time for REUNION

Vaden, JoElla, Lillian, Russ, Lucille, Lacy
Grandma (Altha), Grace, Holly

Lillian, Al Berman, Holly
Mace, JoElla, Lillian, Russ, Grandma, Lucille, Grace

Summer is definitely time for REUNION.

I remember the Davis reunions held at Pisgah Church near Whitten’s Fort in Tazewell County around 1962-63 and some special gatherings at Grandma Davis’ house. Aunt Grace climbing the crab apple tree with those “old lady” black shoes with high heels. Aunt Lillian with her wonderful smile that brightened even the darkest day. Aunt Russ had that giggle and cute personality that made you happy. Uncle Holley was always taking his teeth out and trying to scare me, really, he did that! He was soooo funny and he and Uncle Lacy loved each other so. The food was fabulous and the family devine. Aunt Joe was the best cook ever! Uncle Vaden seemed ever so shy with that slight little smile. Uncle Preacher Mundy, Uncle Mace, Al , Uncle Sleepy, & Daddy. Most of those have gone on to be with Jesus, but I love the memories of fun times and love. …and of course, Grandma Davis. I loved her and she loved us all.

Currently Lucille and her baby sister Elizabeth are the only living siblings of the Asa Davis – Altha Brooks family.

By the way, does anyone remember “Sene” (three pictures of her in the slide show). She was about my age (now 54, but about 10 at that time). Sene lived next door to Grandma Davis and we always played together and she always went to the reunion with us. I’d love to see her again, does anyone know who or where she is?

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