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Hollie Edward Davis

Hollie Edward Davis & Jo Ella Davis
Hollie b. October 11, 1909
d. May 26, 2000

Hollie, Altha, Lacy & Vaden (Mother & Sons )

Hollie & Martha Campbell
Jo Ann & Freddie

I been workin’ on the railroad…

Bluefield Freight Station
Engineer Buddy Buckland
Buckland railroad employees include:
L.W. Buckland, SR & his brother George
L.W. JR & his children Larry Buckland & Sherry Buckland
Robert Buckland & his son, Cecil Buckland
Charles Buckland & his son, Charley Buckland
Walter Buckland

Steam Engine 1218
Powhatan Arrow
1946 – The wreck of the Powhatan Arrow

Bought a house…rode it home ???

This home currently sits about 6 miles west of Bluefield, VA
on Route 460 – Bluefield Tazewell Road
The above picture was published in the Sunset News Observer on
Friday, September 2, 1966. Atop this “mobile home” was
Buddy Buckland, proud owner. He said that he was
the first man to buy a house and ride it home.