Remains of Jacob Buckland’s Mill at Falls Mills

The Bluestone River is a tributary of the New River, 77 mi (124 km) long, in southwestern Virginia and southern WV, and it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River. (Wikipedia)

It rises on East River Mountain in Tazewell Co., VA and flows generally northeastwardly through Mercer & Summers Counties in WV, passing the towns of Bluefield in Virginia and Bramwell and Montcalm in WV.

Norfolk & Western’s mainline has been planted by the Bluestone running through Falls Mills, VA and overlooking the “falls” where Jacob Buckland had his mill. As the story goes,

Jacob ran a water mill there. People came from miles around

to grind corn and wheat. He died of pneumonia caused from

entering the icy water in winter to fix the mill.

The color images were taken in August 2008 at the location of Jacob’s mill. The older picture is said to be of his mill. Others say it is the mill once worked by the falls at the damn near Mudfork. I want to believe that rock structure seen in modern day images of the falls seems to resemble that of the old likeness. What do you think?

Jacob Alexander Buckland (right)

November 26, 1849-November 1, 1919

Husband of Sarah Jane Tabor

Father of L.W. Buckland, Sr.

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