Diggin’ up sum roots

Obsession may be the key word since I have returned from my mountain roots adventure in August. It seems that I am so busy recording data that I uncovered, that I have forgotten my blog. Here is a tidbit that might put a smile on your face. The above picture of my grandparents with their first six children is one of my favs. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Notice the hair bows, the skinny ties, the shoes, AND THE TEDDY BEAR! Wow!

Asa Davis worked with the N&W railroad about 48 years and began in Russell County in 1905. While Altha was pregnant with JoElla, he was promoted to section foreman in Tazewell County. Asa loaded his family belongings into a boxcar for the move. Can you imagine?
When the couple went to house keeping Asa’s Uncle Henry gave them a primitive pie safe made of poplar and joined with wrought nails. I suppose that treasure was moved from Cleveland to Tazewell via RR because Grandma Davis gave that to me before she died. I still have it and hope that one of my girls will someday take a likin’ to it.

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