PLANT A FAMILY TREE; it never stops growing

…just can’t seem to get enough of my family tree. The more I dig, the more it grows, so if you ever decide to plant a tree, be sure you have enough time to stay with it. Obsessed, or so my family says, about finding as many relatives as possible, I want more than just the particular data, I want pictures, stories, and obituaries. These things bring to life a family I never knew, but have had huge impact on my life.

Now, while I continue to hoe around the tree, take a look at this special picture. Grandmother Buckland (Mary Jane Davidson) with Gail, Larry & Ellis. She died in 1960 when I was only a little more than six, so I don’t remember much about her. She allowed me, and I say that guessing she may have been a bit picky, play in the “colonade”. Colonade was her reference to those small built-in bookcases behind glass doors between the foyer and living room. Also, I remember her thick stockings and large black shoes as she pushed her rocking chair to the rhythum of her crochet needles.

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