On This Day in 1823

Elijah Sutherland was born 185 Years Ago Today
He is my 2nd great grand uncle

He married Mary “Polly” Childress and had 10 children:

  1. Elihu Sutherland
  2. Mary Jane Taylor Sutherland
  3. Elizabeth Sutherland
  4. Rebecca Sutherland
  5. Cynthia Sutherland
  6. Phoebe Sutherland
  7. Frances Sutherland
  8. Elijah Beauregard Sutherland
  9. Mary Sutherland (not our g-grand mother)
  10. Noah Sutherland

Also, Elijah’s daughter-in-law celebrated a birth on October 10th,

Winnie Kiser October 10, 1864

Augustus & Cynthia Sutherland Kiser

were married 131 years ago today.

Armalda Vernon Brooks
My great-aunt “Malvie” 128 years ago today

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