On This Day in 1858

October 22, 1858
150 Years Ago Today

David Allen Daugherty & Nannie L. Moore
were married in Wright’s Valley, Va.

David was my 2nd great granduncle; brother to my 2nd great grandmother Mary Jane Daugherty and their two brothers, George C. & Isaac W. Daugherty.

  1. Parents: John L. Daugherty & Nancy Ward.
  2. Grandparents: John Daugherty (IRELAND) & Hannah Letcher
  3. G-Grandparent: John Dougherty

2 thoughts on “On This Day in 1858

  1. Would love to collaborate with you on the Ireland connection for John Daugherty. At this point, I’ve been unable to find where in Ireland the Daugherty’s are from. My mother, Patricia Alywn Daugherty (daughter of Hubert A and granddaughter of George Fulton & Malissa May Walker) remembers hearing the story that they were kicked out of Ireland and had their head (an O’ in front of their name) chopped off. Don’t have anything to support this, though.

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