On This Day in 1859

149 Years Ago Today

November 9, 1859 my g-grandaunt
Emily Sutherland was born in Russell Co., VA.
She was the 4th of 11 children born of
Jessee Sutherland & Mahala Kiser.

  • Matilda Sutherland
  • Phoebe Sutherland
  • Mary Polly Sutherland (my g-grandmother)
  • Emily Jane Sutherland (m. Johnston Baxter Kiser)
  • Sarah Sutherland
  • Alabama Sutherland
  • Thomas A. Sutherland
  • Margaret P. Sutherland
  • Joseph Sutherland
  • Samuel Perry Sutherland
  • Daniel Sutherland
    1. Thanks to Becky Chafin, a cousin and an avid genealogist in Russell County, I have this picture of the home where Jessee & Mahala reared their children. Two narrow doorways look rather strange on the front. However, the family could slide a section of that front to oneside, thereby enlarging the doorway tremendously. These southern pioneers could hide their horses inside the house during the Civil War to keep the Yankee soldiers from stealing them.

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