On That Day in 1856

152 Years Ago Today
November 13, 1856
Phoebe Sutherland and Almareen Owens were married
in Russell Co., VA. Phoebe was my 1st cousin, three times removed.
Phoebe was the youngest of 14 children born to
James & Nancy Ann Counts Sutherland.
  1. Noah Baldwin Sutherland
  2. Ezekiel Sutherland
  3. Margaret Sutherland
  4. Daniel Boone Sutherland
  5. Elizabeth Sutherland
  6. John “Jack” Counts Sutherland
  7. Orpha Sutherland
  8. James H. Sutherland
  9. Rebecca Sutherland
  10. William Beauregard Sutherland
  11. Richard “Dick”Sutherland
  12. Nancy Maryland Sutherland
  13. James E. “Little Jim” Sutherland
  14. Phoebe Sutherland


137 Years Ago Today
November 13, 1871

Louisa Kiser and Henry P. Powers were married.
Louisa was my 2nd cousin, three times removed and the
daughter of James Marshall “Buck Jim” Kiser and Elizabeth “Betsy” Burchett.

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