On This Day in 1876

132 Years Ago Today
November 14, 1876

Sarah Sutherland, my great grandaunt, married Abraham Kiser.

Sarah was the daughter of Jessee & Mahala Kiser Sutherland
from Russell County, VA.

152 Years Ago Today
November 14, 1856
Cynthia Sutherland was born in Russell Co.,VA
My 1st cousin, three times removed, Cynthia was the 5th of 10 children
born to Elijah Sutherland and Mary “Polly” (Childers) Childress

70 Years Ago Today
in Norton, VA, my 2nd cousin, twice removed,
James Ted Brooks was born the 12th of 16 children
of Henry Gracen Brooks and Myrtle Rose Minnick.

  1. Ellen Hazel Brooks
  2. Gurtrude Marie Brooks
  3. Philis Kathaline Brooks
  4. Francis Gaynell Brooks
  5. Barbara Ann Brooks
  6. Jerry Elmer Brooks
  7. William Grady Brooks
  8. Charles Eugene Brooks
  9. Leonard Carl Brooks
  10. Kenneth Ray Brooks
  11. Marvin Estel Brooks
  12. James Ted Brooks
  13. Fred Allen Brooks
  14. Richard Ellis Brooks
  15. Roger Dale Brooks
  16. Robert Curtis Brooks

    Many thanks to cousins
    Shirley Fields
    Kathy Haynes
    Ruby Brooks Bradley

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