162 Years Ago Today
November 19, 1846
Cinderella Brooks married Joel Joseph Tessenier in NC. Cinderella, my 2nd great grandaunt, was the 8th of 10 born to Constantanople “Constantine” & Rutha Daily Brooks, my 3rd great grandparents. Constantine is believed to have been half Indian.
  1. Bryant Brooks
  2. John Jeremiah Brooks (my 2nd great grandfather)
  3. Joseph Brooks
  4. Nancy Brooks
  5. Ransom Brooks
  6. Benjamin Brooks
  7. Sarah Brooks
  8. Cinderella Brooks
  9. Elizabeth Brooks
  10. Arzilla Brooks
Cinderella (1825-1902) and Joel Joseph had 7 children.
  1. Benjamin Tessenier
  2. Margaret Tessenier
  3. Permelia Tessenier
  4. Leah Tessenier
  5. Nancy Jane Tessenier
  6. Elizabeth Tessenier
  7. Nicholas Tessenier

Thanks again to Shirley Fields and Kathy Haynes
for this treasured family history.

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