On This Day in 1994

My grand niece, Jenny. And she is grand:)

We love you Jenny, Happy Birthday
Jennifer Leigh – November 22, 1994
154 Years Ago Today
November 22, 1854
George C. Tabor, my great granduncle was the 3rd of 7
children born to James Harrison Tabor and
Nancy Moore Runyan.
George was brother to my great grandmother.
  1. Sarah Jane Tabor (my great grandmother) (m. Jacob Alexander Buckland)
  2. Samuel G. Tabor
  3. George C. Tabor (1854-1888)
  4. William B. Tabor
  5. Joseph Wade Tabor
  6. James Robert Tabor
  7. Emily Tabor (married William Jasper Buckland) (sisters married brothers)

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