On This Day in 1982

Happy 26th Michael
December 27, 1982 ——————
131 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1877
John Kahle Walker, my 2nd cousin, twice removed, was the 2nd of 9 children born to Rev. John Randolph Walker and Mary Jane Brown from Tazewell County, VA. He was the grandson of Nancy Reeves Gregory and John Wesley Brown.

  1. Alexander Phillip Walker
  2. John Kahle Walker
  3. Marvin N. Walker
  4. Harriet Reaves Walker
  5. Robert Charles Walker
  6. Louise Laura Alice Walker
  7. Thomas Frank Fowler Walker
  8. Maybelle Stuart Walker
  9. Eleanor Stuart Walker

61 Years Ago Today
December 27, 1947

Fay Gregory Yost (3rd cousin, once removed)
married Ermil Osbourne in Greenville, SC.
Fay is the daughter of Jenetta “Nettie” Fay Steele Gregory and Wm Paris Yost.

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