On This Day in 1842

166 Years Ago Today
December 1, 1842
Doctor Clauton Gregory, my 2nd great granduncle was born.
He was the son of John Keatts and Elizabeth Holland Gregory,
and the youngest of 15 children.
His short life ended at the age of 21
during the Civil War in Red River, TX.
Daniel Parham Gregory (my 2nd great grandfather)
Lewis Corder Gregory
William Lowery Gregory
Perlina Ledford Gregory
John Henry Gregory
Permelia Clement Gregory
Martha Tucker Gregory
Mary Clay Gregory
Richard Shadrack Gregory
Nancy Reeves Gregory (mother of Mary Jane Brown below)
Elizabeth Holland Gregory
Franklin Clemons Gregory
James Madison Gregory
Thompson Edward Gregory
Doctor Clauton Gregory
133 Years Ago Today
December 1, 1875
My 1st cousin, 3 times removed Mary Jane Brown
married Rev. John Randolph Walker.
Mary was the daughter of
Nancy Reeves Gregory and John Wesley Brown.

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