On This Day in 1840

Thank you Judy Llamas for identifying and sending a copy of this picture to me. For years the picture of the couple hung on the wall at the Buckland homeplace in Falls Mills, but I could never identify who they were or find out who had the picture. Thanks to you Judy, I now know that it was L.W. Buckland’s grandparents, his mother Sarah’s parents. Sarah actually inherited the property where the house was built from her parents James and Nancy. A log home stood on the property originally, and in the 1920’s LW and Mary Jane built the brick home that stands today. Every piece of the puzzle helps to paint the picture, preserving it for future generations.

168 Years Ago Today

December 3, 1840

Nancy Moore Runyan and James Harrison Tabor were married.
My 2nd great grandparents are buried at the
Falls Mills, Virginia.


December 3, 1999
Happy 9th Anniversary Libbie & Dave


85 Years Ago Today

December 3, 1923 – May 11, 2001
Jesse McHaffa (w/o Richard, my 1st cousin, once removed)

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