On This Day in 1890

119 Years Ago Today
January 2, 1890

Sallie Elizabeth Davidson was the 3rd of 8 children born to Erastus Granger Davidson and Eliza Greever Gregory; a sister to my Grandmother Buckland (Mary Jane Davidson). Aunt Sallie was also the wife of my 1st cousin, once removed Robert “Bob” Johnson Wimmer. Uncle Bob was a nephew to Mary Jane’s husband, Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. Got that? This whole genealogy thing sometimes gets confusing. Aunt Sallie and Uncle Bob lived in a large house on the hill overlooking Falls Mills Dam on the Mudfork Road. I doubt the house still stands, but I would love to have a picture of it. It was a modest dwelling in the midst of the woods, but the view from there overlooking the dam must have been spectacular.

Sallie & Siblings:

  1. Charles Lewis Davidson
  2. Mary Jane Davidson
  3. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson
  4. Cosby Isabell Davidson
  5. Samuel Patton Davidson
  6. Luther Hefford Davidson
  7. Nannie Crockett Davidson
  8. Ella Findley Davidson

I believe that Aunt Sallie & Uncle Bob had 4 children :

  1. Hazel Wimmer
  2. Lee Anna Wimmer
  3. Nancy Wimmer
  4. Loraine Wimmer

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