On This Day in 1843

166 Years Ago Today
January 3, 1843

Martha Rasnake was born to Jonas Rasnake and Rachel Laforce in Russell County, VA. My 2nd cousin, three times removed was one of nine children:

  1. John M. Preston Rasnake
  2. Catherine Rasnake
  3. Elijah Laforce Rasnake
  4. James Harvey Rasnake
  5. Mary Rasnake
  6. Martha Rasnake
  7. Sarah Rasnake
  8. Noah Kernan Rasnake
  9. Henry Clay Rasnake


118 Years Ago Today
January 3, 1891

James N. Sutherland,my 2nd cousin, twice removed, was the youngest of 10 children born to Elihu Sutherland and Sereldia Jane Kiser:

  1. Neurassie Sutherland
  2. Martha V. Sutherland
  3. Orval Sutherland
  4. Cynthia Sutherland
  5. Wade H. Sutherland
  6. Albert B. Sutherland
  7. Manoria Sutherland
  8. Elijah B. Sutherland
  9. Susie Sutherland
  10. James N. Sutherland
Picture of James’ father Elihu and Uncle Elijah
79 Years Ago Today
January 3, 1930 – September 9, 1950

Robert French Dotson, my 2nd cousin, once removed, died in the Korean War.

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