On This Day in 1872

137 Years Ago Today
January 19, 1872 – July 29, 1917
Nancy Jane Polly Buckland was born in Tazewell County to Jacob Alexander and Sarah Jane (Tabor) Buckland. My grand aunt was the oldest of 6 children and was buried at the Compton Cemetery in Falls Mills, VA.

  1. Nancy Jane Polly Buckland
  2. George Robert Buckland
  3. Cora Belle Buckland
  4. William Harrison Buckland
  5. Samuel Graham Buckland
  6. Larkin Watson Buckland (my grandfather)


104 Years Ago Today
January 19, 1905 – November 20, 1989
Cecil Lloyd Gregory, my 2nd cousin, twice removed, was born to William Benton Gregory and Elizabeth Ann “Bet” Ruble. He was one of five children.

  1. Callie Susie Gregory
  2. Lacy Clemons Gregory
  3. Barbara Virginia “Barb” Gregory
  4. Cecil Lloyd Gregory
  5. George William Gregory

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