On This Day in 1919

90 Years Ago Today
January 23, 1919
Myrtle is shown on her father’s lap in this picture. (courtesy of Shirley Fields)

My 1st cousin, twice removed, Myrtle Brooks married Clinton Chaffin. Myrtle was one of 12 children born to Charles and Nancy Jane (Boyd) Brooks of Russell County, VA.

  1. Rufus Brooks
  2. Mary Katherine Brooks
  3. Martha Brooks
  4. Margaret Deporia Brooks
  5. Eula Bell Brooks
  6. Pracilla “Ziller” Caroline Brooks
  7. Rose Leear Brooks
  8. Zilla Lowbilly Brooks
  9. Charles Douglas Brooks
  10. Walter Duard Brooks
  11. Myrtle Brooks
  12. Arlie Brooks

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