On This Day in 1857

152 Years Ago Today
January 27, 1857

Julia A. Mitchell married James Moore in McMinn County, TN. Julia was one of four known children born to Clarinda Julia Dougherty and William Mitchell of Tazewell County, VA.

  1. Julia A. Mitchell (my 1st cousin, 4 times removed)
  2. Sallie H. Mitchell
  3. James Harvey Mitchell
  4. Amanda Mitchell


99 Years Ago Today
January 27, 1910
My 3rd cousin, once removed, James Thomas Davidson, was born to William Erastus and Bertie Lee (Ward)Davidson. He was one of 3 known children:

  1. James Thomas Davidson
  2. Erastus Granger Davidson
  3. William Glenn Davidson

The name Erastus Granger was repeated often in the Davidson family. My great grandfather was named Erastus Granger, but was the son of Samuel P. Davidson. Samuel P’s brother was also named Erastus Granger Davidson, the great grandfather of EGD above. Are you confused yet?

This name repetition makes genealogy research somewhat difficult, but remains a wonderful way to honor a beloved family member. According to Wikipedia, namesake was first recorded in 1646 to mean “person named for the sake of someone”, the reference to something being a namesake imports a connection between the two that extends beyond sharing similarly looking names.

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