On This Day in 1833

176 Years Ago Today
January 29, 1833

My 2nd great granduncle, Joseph Brooks married Catherine Christmus. Joseph was one of ten children born to Constantanople Brooks of North Carolina and Rutha Daily.

  1. Bryant Brooks
  2. John Jeremiah Brooks (my g-g grandfather)
  3. Joseph Brooks
  4. Nancy Brooks
  5. Ransom Brooks
  6. Benjamin Brooks
  7. Sarah Brooks
  8. Cinderella Brooks
  9. Elizabeth Brooks
  10. Arzilla Brooks

Joseph and Catherine had seven children:

  1. George Brooks
  2. Elizabeth Brooks
  3. Abner Andrew Brooks
  4. William Chager Brooks
  5. James Brooks
  6. Joseph Brooks
  7. Thepolus Henry Brooks


157 Years Ago Today
January 29, 1852 – May 4, 1926

George was one of five children born to Stanford Lea and Sarah “Sallie” (Fuller) Jessee in Russell County, VA.

  1. George Cowan Jessee
  2. Nancy C. “Nannie” Jessee (my great grandmother)
  3. Thomas Jefferson “Big Jeff” Jessee
  4. Noah D. Kernan Jessee
  5. John Henry Jessee

George Cowan married Virginia Breeding in May of 1880 and they had ten children:

  1. Maude E. Jessee
  2. Allen J. Jessee
  3. Newton R. Jessee
  4. George Jessee
  5. Charles Coonie Jessee
  6. Cass Jessee
  7. Sallie Morgan Jessee
  8. Martha Jessee
  9. Thomas Jessee
  10. Elijah B. Pard Jessee

136 Years Ago Today
January 29, 1873

Thomas Ulysses LaForce, my 2nd cousin, twice removed, was one of twelve children born to John Letcher LaForce and Rebecca Sutherland.

  1. Alfarie LaForce
  2. Thomas Ulysses LaForce (married Barbara Sutherland)
  3. Simeon LaForce
  4. Elijah LaForce
  5. Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” LaForce
  6. William S. LaForce
  7. Arthur C. LaForce
  8. Bessie LaForce
  9. John Letcher LaForce, Jr.
  10. Ada LaForce
  11. Robert LaForce
  12. Manilla LaForce

143 Years Ago Today
January 29, 1866

Jasper Sutherland married Lousia Dyer. Jasper was one of 14 children born to William Sutherland (brother to my g-g grandfather Daniel Sutherland) and Sylvia Counts.

  1. William Floyd Sutherland
  2. Jasper Sutherland
  3. Newton Sutherland
  4. Elijah Thurman Sutherland
  5. Joshua P. Sutherland
  6. Phoebe Sutherland
  7. Martha Taylor Sutherland
  8. Daniel Boone R. Sutherland
  9. Mary Polly Deel Sutherland
  10. Margaret Sutherland
  11. Unknown Sutherland
  12. George Washington Sutherland
  13. Leander Sutherland

99 Years Ago Today
January 29, 1910 – August 9, 1987

Perry Sherman Wallace, Sr. was one of nine children born in Russell County, VA to Morgan T. Wallace and Manerva Josephine Davis (my grandfather Asa’s sister) .

  1. Charlie Wallace
  2. Kyle Truman Wallace
  3. Howard Wallace
  4. Maynard Leonard Wallace
  5. Joe Everett Wallace
  6. Emphis Wallace
  7. Perry Sherman Wallace (1st cousin, once removed)
  8. Katy Wallace
  9. Major Howard Wallace

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