This Month in 1835

174 Years Ago
February, 1835
James W. Dougherty was born in Pike, MO; one of 10 children of Giles Dougherty and Mary Polly Doak. James and his siblings were my 1st cousins, 4 times removed.

  1. John M. Dougherty (elected Lt. Governor to IL in 1868)
  2. James W. Dougherty (m. 0-10-1866 Mary A. Hale)
  3. Walter M. Dougherty
  4. Reace Dougherty
  5. Mary Dougherty
  6. E.I. Dougherty
  7. Bolivar Dougherty
  8. Andrew Jackson Dougherty
  9. Isaac F. Dougherty
  10. Charles William Dougherty

138 Years Ago
February 1871
David Preston Peery married Mary E. Harman. David was one of seven children born to John Drew Peery and Mary Clay Gregory. He and his siblings are my 1st cousins, three times removed:

  1. David Preston Peery
  2. Charles Henry Peery
  3. George Peery
  4. Ella Martelia Peery
  5. Mary Elizabeth Peery
  6. Lousia Alice Peery
  7. Mollie Elizabeth Peery


112 Years Ago
February 1897
Lillie E. Lowder was one of five children born to James Isaac Lowder and Louisa Victoria Gregory. Lillie and her siblings were my 2nd cousins, twice removed.

  1. Bertha Lowder
  2. Dora B. Lowder
  3. Charles Lee Lowder
  4. Will B. Lowder
  5. Lillie E. Lowder

63 Years Ago Today
February 1, 1946
Charles Nye Buckland married Clara Jane Rash. My uncle was the son of Larkin Watson Buckland, SR and Mary Jane Davidson. Charles and Clara had four children:

  1. Charles Allen
  2. Linda Jane
  3. Wanda Mae
  4. Phyllis Ann

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