On This Day in1849

160 Years Ago Today
February 2, 1849 – July 2, 1922
Charles William Dougherty was one of 10 children born to Giles Dougherty from Rockbridge County, VA and Mary Polly Doak. Charles and his siblings were my 1st cousins, 4 times removed:

  1. John M. Dougherty
  2. James W. Dougherty
  3. Walter M. Dougherty
  4. Reace Dougherty
  5. Mary Dougherty
  6. E.I. Dougherty
  7. Bolivar Dougherty
  8. Andrew Jackson Dougherty
  9. Isaac F. Dougherty
  10. Charles William Dougherty (b Pike Co.,IL – d Molalla , Clackamas Co.,OR)

Charles married Mary Elizabeth Sawtell and they had 7 children:

  1. Dennis Dougherty
  2. William Henry Dougherty
  3. Bessie Dougherty
  4. Louis Dougherty
  5. George Elmer Dougherty
  6. Otis Ray Dougherty
  7. Fred Giles Dougherty
  8. —————————————–

124 Years Ago Today
February 2, 1885
Ora Lee Neel (Nash), my 2nd cousin, twice removed was one of six children born to Matthias Fox Neel and Harriet Letcher Daugherty in Clear Fork, VA.

  1. Arlington Hicks Neel
  2. Anna Lane Neel
  3. Ora Lee Neel
  4. Margaret Barnes Neel
  5. Clara B. Neel
  6. David Elgin Neel

Ora Lee and her husband, Thomas Edward Nash had 4 children:

  1. Claude Witten Nash
  2. Nancy Ernestine Nash
  3. Anna May Nash
  4. Thomas Edward Nash, Jr.

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