On This Day in 1907

102 Years Ago Today
February 5, 1907

Vernon Kenneth Davidson was one of nine children born to Robert Wallace Davidson (b. 6-17-1866) and Julia Justina Herbert.

  1. Joseph Frank Davidson 7-7-1892
  2. Robert Wallace Davidson 8-25-1894
  3. Jessie Marie Davidson 12-1896
  4. Millie Aleen Davidson 9-16-1899
  5. Vida Lyrene Davidson 5-18-1902
  6. Ruth Davidson 8-20-1904
  7. Vernon Kenneth Davidson 2-5-1907
  8. Earl Bennett Davidson 11-9-1909
  9. Emma Lavern Davidson 2-2-1912

As you can see, the Davidson’s continued the “namesake” with Robert Wallace. In researching, we must be careful not to confuse the generations.

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