On This Day in 1885

124 Years Ago Today
February 14, 1885 – February 5, 1967

Grandaddy Buckland and his 1924 Nash

1st on left back at a delegation from the railroad was sent to St. Paul, MN.

Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. was one of six children born to Jacob Alexander Buckland and Sarah Jane Tabor. See post of January 19th for siblings.
117 Years Ago Today
February 14, 1892
Eleanor Stuart Walker was one of nine children born to Rev. John Randolph Walker and Mary Jane Brown. Eleanor and her siblings were my 2nd cousins, 2x removed.
  1. Alexander Philip Walker
  2. John Kahle Walker
  3. Marvin N. Walker
  4. Harriet Reeves Walker
  5. Robert Charles Walker
  6. Louise Laura Alice Walker
  7. Thomas Frank Fowler Walker
  8. Maybelle Stuart Walker
  9. Eleanor Stuart Walker

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