On This Day in 1862

147 Years Ago Today
February 18, 1862 – June 1, 1922
Dudley Davis Baker was one of six children born to James William Baker and Fannie Ellis. And although he and I are not directly related, he married my 1st cousin, 3x removed, Sarah Texan Tabor.

Dudley Davis Baker
Sarah Texan Tabor
James William Baker
Fannie Ellis

140 Years Ago Today
February 18, 1869
Wade Hampton Dougherty was one of six of my 2bnd cousins, 3x removed, born to John M. Dougherty and Sarah Harpole.
  1. Mary E. M. Dougherty
  2. James F. Dougherty
  3. John P. Dougherty
  4. George McClellan “Mack” Dougherty
  5. Lydia J. Dougherty
  6. Wade Hampton Dougherty
    98 Years Ago Today
    February 18, 1911
    Both Garnett Fox and Helen Gregory Smithdeal were born. They were both, 2nd cousins, 2x removed.

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