On This Day in 1845

164 Years Ago Today
February 19, 1845
Hannah Letcher married Brigadier General John Dunlap Stevenson.

Hannah was of at least four children, my 1st cousins, 5x removed, born to Captain John Letcher, Jr. and Mary Pugh in Rockbridge County, VA.

  1. Hannah Letcher
  2. James Letcher
  3. William H. Letcher
  4. John Letcher

Hannah and General Stevenson had at least two children.

  1. Virginia Lizzie Stevenson
  2. John C. Houston Stevenson

182 Years Ago Today
February 19, 1827
My 3rd great granduncle, Richard Dennis Gregory, married Elizabeth H. Pigg in Pittsylvania County, VA. Richard was one of nine children born to William Gregory and Martha Tucker.

  1. Martha “Patsy” Gregory
  2. Robert T. Gregory
  3. John Keatts Gregory (my 3rd great grandfather)
  4. Maryan Polly Gregory
  5. William Gregory
  6. Lowry Gregory
  7. Elizabeth Gregory
  8. Nancy Gregory
  9. Richard Dennis Gregory

152 Years Ago Today
February 19, 1857
John M. Dougherty married Sarah Harpole. John was one of ten children, (1st cousin, 4x removed) born to Giles Dougherty and Mary Polly Doak. John was born in Pike, MO and elected Lt. Governor to IL in 1868. See previous posts for siblings and children.
128 Years Ago Today
February 19, 1881 – March 7, 1881
A dear baby was laid to rest in Clearfork, Tazewell County, VA. Heart broken parents were Franklin Clemons Gregory and Shelma Statira V. Shawver.

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