On This Day in 1861

148 Years Ago Today
February 24, 1861 – October 29, 1943

William Beauregard Sutherland was one of fourteen children born to James Sutherland and Nancy Ann Counts. See previous posts in February for Wm and his siblings, my 1st cousins, 3x removed. Wm. married Eliza Jane Counts on May 27, 1881.

Eliza Jane Counts Sutherland

111 Years Ago Today
February 24, 1898 – 1990

Jack Dewey Sutherland was one of nine children born to Elijah B. Sutherland and Winnie Kiser. My 2nd cousins, 2x removed were:

  1. Raleigh Roy Sutherland
  2. Robert Trigg Sutherland
  3. Elsie Sutherland
  4. Edward Sutherland
  5. Henry Douglas Sutherland
  6. Jack Dewey Sutherland
  7. Holland Pitzer Sutherland
  8. Overton Harris Sutherland
  9. Lucy Bryan Sutherland

Jack Dewey Sutherland and Elsie Chaffin parented eight children, 3rd cousin, 1x removed.

  1. Jim Sutherland
  2. Betty Sutherland
  3. Jack Sutherland
  4. Mildred Sutherland
  5. Nan Sutherland
  6. Sue Sutherland
  7. Linda Sutherland
  8. Juda Sutherland

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