On This Day in 1845

164 Years Ago
March 1, 1845
Elizabeth Sutherland was one of at least five children born to Henry Sutherland and Margaret Counts.

  1. Zachary Taylor Sutherland
  2. Elizabeth Sutherland (2nd cousin, 3x removed)
  3. Ezekiel Sutherland
  4. Sylvia Sutherland
  5. Napoleon Bonepart Sutherland

Henry Hobson Smith married Sarah Davis
March 1, 1883 – 126 Years Ago Today
Henry Hobson Smith married Lydia Davis
March 1, 1889 – 120 Years Ago Today
Henry was my 1st cousin 3x removed, son of John Smith and Nancy “Big Nance” Sutherland. Were the Davis girls sisters? …and the first died, so he married her sister??? I don’t know. Do you?
102 Years Ago Today
March 1, 1907 – August 31, 2002
Dallas Brooks Kiser was one of nine children born to Rufus Brooks and Lenora Kiser. Dallas married Bascom Kiser and dies in Dickenson County, VA.

  1. Dallas Brooks
  2. Mamie Trula Brooks
  3. Minnie Brooks
  4. William Brady Brooks
  5. Leroy Brooks
  6. Estel Brooks
  7. Grapha Brooks
  8. Clifford Brooks
  9. James Holland Brooks

176 Years Ago
March 1833 – 1922
My 2nd great grandmother, Sarah Sallie (Fuller)Jessee, was born to Jessee B. Fuller Jr. and Mary Polly Banner in Russell County, VA. She married Stanford Lea Jessee and they had five children.

  1. George Cowan Jessee
  2. Nancy C. Nannie Jessee (my great grandmother)
  3. Thomas Jefferson Jessee
  4. Noah D. Kernan Jessee
  5. John Henry Jessee

117 Years Ago – Lilly M. Davis – March 1892

114 Years Ago – John Davis – March 1895

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