On This Day in 1909

100 Years Ago Today
March 3, 1909

Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. and Mary Jane Davidson were married 100 years ago today. This wonderful picture of my father’s parents was taken 50 years ago at their 50th wedding anniversary party. A scan of the original marriage announcement from the newspaper is shown below. Grandmother Buckland kept a scrapbook of clippings, and this is one to treasure.

The picture below shows Grandmother and Grandaddy in the early days sitting on the porch of the old frame house. Looks like they were joking around a bit. Larkin’s mother, Sarah Jane (Tabor) Buckland is to the left. Aunt Bertha and, my dad, LW, Jr. were very young then. This photo was probably taken in the early 20’s.

The brick home below stands on the property where the old frame house stood. I understand that this home was built in the late 20’s. It is a beauty and currently owned and occupied by Mary Jane and Watt’s son, Robert Buckland and his wife Margaret.
187 Years Ago Today
March 9, 1822 – March 5, 1915
My 2nd great granduncle, William Lowery Gregory was born in Pittsylvania County, VA and died in Madison County, TN. He is buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. William married Mary Jane Duncan in 1857 and they had ten children.

  1. Susan Gregory
  2. William Henry Gregory
  3. Nancy E. Gregory
  4. Martha Gregory
  5. Laura L. Gregory
  6. Emma P. Gregory
  7. G. Walter Gregory
  8. Charles Still Gregory (twin)
  9. John Chester Gregory (twin)
  10. Ninia Gregory

William Lowery Gregory was one of fifteen children born to John Keatts Gregory and Elizabeth Holland Corder. See previous, Jan 10th, for siblings.

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