On This Day in 1900

109 Years Ago Today
March 6, 1900 – abt 1927

Nannie Crockett Davidson, my grand aunt, was one of eight children born to Erastus Granger and Eliza Greever (Gregory) Davidson.

  1. Charles Lewis Davidson
  2. Mary Jane Davidson (my grandmother)
  3. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson
  4. Cosby Isabell Davidson
  5. Samuel Patton Davidson
  6. Luther Hefford Davidson
  7. Nannie Crockett Davidson
  8. Nannie Crockett Davidson
  9. Ella Findley Davidson

Nannie married Nathaniel Ezra McHaffa and they had three children.

  1. Charles H. McHaffa 1917 – 1918
  2. Mary Ruth McHaffa 1920-1991
  3. Richard McHaffa 1924

136 Years Ago Today
March 6, 1873
My great granduncle, John R. Buckland married Elizabeth Turner. John was one of eleven children born to Jacob W. and Martha “Patsy” (Compton) Buckland.

  1. Nancy J. Buckland
  2. William Jasper Buckland
  3. Hugh A. Buckland
  4. John R. Buckland
  5. Margaret Bucklnad
  6. Amanda E. Buckland
  7. Jacob Alexander Buckland (my great grandfather)
  8. Egan O. Buckland
  9. Rebeckah Elizabeth Buckland
  10. Leander G. Buckland
  11. Louisa Buckland

John and Elizabeth had four children that I know.

  1. Elizabeth Ann Buckland
  2. Jennie Buckland
  3. Egan Buckland
  4. Lucinda Buckland

135 Years Ago Today
March 6, 1874
TWINS, Sarah Elizabeth Gregory and Statiza Virginia Gregory, my 1st cousins, 3x removed were two of twelve children born to Franklin Clemons and Shelma Statira (Shawver)Gregory near Shawvers Mill in Clearfork, Tazewell County, VA. See previous post for siblings. Sarah married James Bourne Yost, but I do not know who Statiza married.

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