On This Day in 1850

159 Years Ago Today
March 18, 1850 – December 5, 1859
Andrew Holt Letcher, my 2nd cousin, 4x removed, was one of eleven children born to Governor John Letcher and Mary Susan Holt. Andrew was buried at Jackson Memorial Cemetery in Lexington, VA.

  1. William Holt Letcher
  2. Samuel Houston Letcher
  3. Andrew Holt Letcher
  4. John Davidson Letcher
  5. Margaret Kinney Letcher
  6. Mary Davidson Letcher
  7. Virginia Lee Letcher
  8. Captain Greenlee Davidson Letcher
  9. Fannie Wilson Letcher
  10. Elizabeth Stuart Letcher
  11. Mary Susan Letcher

97 Years Ago Today
March 18, 1912
Erastus Granger Davidson, my 3rd cousin, 1x removed was one of at least three children born to William Erastus and Bertie Lee (Ward) Davidson. He was also a 1st cousin, 2x removed to my great grandfather Erastus Granger Davidson.

William and Bertie’s three children were:

  1. James Thomas Davidson
  2. Erastus Granger Davidson
  3. William Glenn Davidson

If you know of other siblings, please let me know.

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