On This Day in 1984

25 Years Ago Today
Happy Anniversary Becky
March 28, 1984
Rebecca Kaye “Becky” Sutherland married Roger Chafin. Becky knows just about all anyone needs to know about the Sutherland and Kiser families of Russell County, VA. My 6th cousin, 2x removed, is one of three children born to Overton Harris and Bedy Kate (Kiser) Sutherland.

  1. Warren Lester Sutherland
  2. Larry Donnell Sutherland
  3. Rebecca Kaye Sutherland

109 Years Ago Today
March 28, 1900 – August 23, 1984
Lockie Brooks, my 1st cousin, 2x removed, was one of eleven children born to Benjamin and Haley Victoria (Thacker)Brooks. See previous posts this month for her siblings. Lockie married Norton Hall and had three children that I know of:

  1. May Hall
  2. Billy Hall
  3. Cecil Hall

If anyone has more information on Lockie, please let me know. sherrykelly@comcast.net

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