After all the rain…

It has rained catz and dogz this week in Florida. Now I know we needed the water desperately, so I have tried to remain patient; but it is ever so difficult when dark clouds and gloomy days never seem to let go. Sophie and I sit in the office; I in my chair and Sophie at her post by the window. Ever diligent at her duties to watch for squirrels, our spoiled-rotten dog stays right by my side while I dig for more ancestors. And dig I do. When I start burrowing in my messy nest and the computer captures my days, I am transported to another time. Discovering relatives who served in the Civil or Revolutionary Wars, I try to imagine how their life must have been, living among fierce Indians and fighting for their lives and those of their chidren.

Nevertheless, reality slips back in as the sun shines brightly on the pond, and I am certain of how truly blessed I am. The Sunshine State legitimizes it’s name by giving me a view that is nothing short of spectacular. The trees, the water, the Canadian geese, wood ducks, red headed woodpeckers, squirrels, foxes, even coyote….all here for me to enjoy.

This is my day, filled with wonder and adventure, right from the vantage point of my computer. Thank you Lord, I am indeed grateful for the blessings and …the sunshining once again.

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