On This Day in 1787

222 Years Ago Today
April 9, 1787 – April 14, 1891

My 3rd great grandmother, Mary Childers was one of ten children born to Revolutionary War soldier Abraham Childers and his wife, Elizabeth “Betsy” Roberts. Mary’s grandparents were Henry and Susannah (Goldsby) Childers – Cornelius and Mary (Benton) Roberts.

  1. William Childers
  2. Mary “Polly” Childers
  3. Francis Childers
  4. Lodicy “Dicy” Childers
  5. Abraham Childers, Jr.
  6. Elizabeth Childers
  7. Goldsby/Goolsby Childers
  8. Salina Childers
  9. Paulina Childers
  10. Elisha Childers

Mary married Joseph Kiser, Jr. and they had 12 children.

  1. Warren Kiser
  2. Margaret Elizabeth Kiser
  3. James S. “Bell Clapper” Kiser
  4. Dicie Kiser
  5. Ephriam Mayfield Kiser
  6. Mary Polly Kiser
  7. Simeon Kiser, Sr.
  8. Joseph Kiser
  9. Noah S. Kiser
  10. Abraham Kiser
  11. Mahala Kiser (my 2nd great grandmother)(m. Jessee Sutherland)
  12. Matilda Kiser

127 Years Ago Today
April 9, 1882 – March 2, 1960

My 1st cousin, 2x removed, Georgia Estelle Jessee was one of ten children born in Russell County, VA to Thomas Jefferson “Big Jeff” Jessee and Mary Frances Jessee. See yesterday’s post for siblings.

This is the Jessee home where Georgia Estelle and family lived. Georgia married Stephen Andrew Douglas Fletcher on October 4, 1900 and they had eleven children.

  1. Hazel Claire Fletcher
  2. Dallas Dean Fletcher
  3. Mary Elizabeth Fletcher
  4. Clifford Merle Fletcher
  5. Lynn Collier Fletcher
  6. Noel Kenneth Fletcher
  7. Wilmer Stewart Fletcher
  8. Bert Foster Fletcher
  9. Dudley Thomas Fletcher
  10. Danise Gertrude Fletcher
  11. Jefferson Douglas Fletcher

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