On This Day in 1883

126 Years Ago Today
April 12, 1883 – October 17, 1973

My 6th cousin, 2x removed, Manoria Sutherland was one of ten children born to Elihu and Sereldia Jane (Kiser) Sutherland.

  1. Neurassie Sutherland
  2. Martha V. Sutherland
  3. Orval Sutherland
  4. Cynthia Sutherland
  5. Wade H. Sutherland
  6. Albert B. Sutherland
  7. Manoria Sutherland (m. James C. Cheek)
  8. Elijah B. Sutherland
  9. Susie Sutherland
  10. James N. Sutherland

139 Years Ago Today
April 12, 1870

My great grandaunt, Lydia “Liddy” Davis, was one of fifteen children born to Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Ann (Combs) Davis. See yesterday’s post for siblings.
93 Years Ago Today
April 12, 1916 – December 30, 1996

My 4th cousin, 2x removed, Earl Agnus Brooks, was one of nine children born to Emory Luther and Sarah Margaret “Mag” (Jessee)Brooks.

  1. Guy Thurman Brooks
  2. Earl Agnus Brooks (m. Charles W. Gibson)
  3. Kyle “Tutt” Burns Brooks, Sr.
  4. Patty Jean Brooks
  5. Rose Brooks
  6. Lillian Brooks
  7. Louise Brooks
  8. Clovis “Toad” Brooks
  9. Mildred “Mid” Brooks

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