On This Day in 1867

142 Years Ago Today
April 26, 1867

My great granduncle, Hugh C. Davis was one of fifteen children born to Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Ann (Combs) Davis. See February posts for siblings. Hugh’s mother was thought to be a full blooded Indian, but I have found no definitive documentation. Hugh married Mary Casly Strouth on April 13, 1892 in Russell County, VA.

91 Years Ago Today
April 26, 1918 – September 28, 1998

My 1st cousin, 2x removed Violet Brooks, was one of eleven chidren born to Benjamin and Haley Victoria (Thacker) Brooks. See previous posts for siblings. Violet married Carson Smith and they had four children.

  1. Roger
  2. Harold
  3. Thurman
  4. Leonard

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