On This Day in 1915

94 Years Ago Today
May 26, 1915 – October 23, 1992

Ellis Vaden Davis, Jr. was one of ten children born to
Asa C. and Altha R. (Brooks) Davis.
  1. Grace Erie Davis
  2. Lacy Clarence Davis, Sr.
  3. Ila Lillian Davis
  4. Hollie William Davis
  5. Joella Davis
  6. Lettie Russell Davis
  7. Ellis Vaden Davis
  8. Leman Clifton “Sleepy” Davis
  9. Nannie Lucille Davis (my mother)
  10. Evelyn Elizabeth Davis

Uncle Vaden married Maxine Peery and they had two children:

  1. Ellis Vaden “June” Davis, Jr.
  2. Rita Mae Davis

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