Day 4

Family dinner at Mimi’s house. In her perfectly “better than Paula Deen” style, Mom laid out a spread for the masses. About sixteen friends and relatives showed up at the appointed 12:30…or there about for a fabulous meal. That’s how Mom’s shows her love, and I must say, she loved us well.After Susie and I cleaned the dishes away and all the dessert was gone, we gathered outside to take some FAMILY shots on the steps before Christine, Briana and Peter Charles hit the road going home. I’ve always loved the picture at Grandaddy Buckland’s house where the family gathered on the steps, so once again, my family accomodated me by posing there. Pictures with Mom and Buck and his family, pictures with Mom and Larry, Brian, Stephanie, Carson, Will and Brian Alexander. Even a picture of Mom playing croquet with Peter. Thank you Tina for taking such great pictures.

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